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  1. Abandoned Universe

    Yes we are offline at the moment. We finally managed to break the game enough to warrant a restart/redo, so we are aiming for a more custom feel than vanilla UO this time.
  2. Eater Caps?

    99% sure its inside AOS.cs
  3. Sacred Quest not working

    Wrong. The mobs inside Holy City only spawn at night time in game time. Also you can fight the mobs inside the Tomb of Kings prior to completing the quest. The code words to bypass the fire are "Ord" and "Anord". Ord on the north platform, Anord on the south platform. ;-)
  4. Sacred Quest not working

    You have to do the prequest before doing sacred quest. The prequest comes from the quest giver by the moongate, who sends you to the guy by the Shrine of Singularity.
  5. removing trees?

    The only way to remove trees, would be to edit the map files with Centered+ to delete them, and use those files on both the server, and every client who logs into your server. tl;dr It's not easy, so if you are looking for an easy way, there isn't one.
  6. Missing .MUL and Enhanced Client

    I personally have my server pointing to 2D client not 3D client. That might be the issue.
  7. Double-Clicking to Equip

    Its not standard with ServUO, and as far as the ondoubleclick on every equipables, you aren't far off, minus you would only have to add it to the BaseFiles, and not each item manually.
  8. Looking for a little help

    I could be wrong, but OWLTR and Daat99 token system and all that, work on ServUO pub54, which is not the current publish. You would have to download the older version of ServUO. Once you have that extracted, go into the Config folder, and modify the configs as required. Make sure DataPath.cfg...
  9. Spawn my pet next to me HELP!

    With the newer versions of ServUO (and UO in general I believe), if you log out, and login, all currently claimed pets move to your current location on the login, by default.
  10. Loot and Speech

    Loot has to be changed in each mobiles specific script file. Removing the gold drop would also remove the random item drops since they are tied together in a LootPack, and the mob drops the LootPack. Check out Loot.cs LootPack.cs and any normal creature under GenerateLoot( Edit - And to...
  11. Getting double amount of ingots from ores?

    It came out with the change to ores. When you mine you get different kinds of ore, with different stacking and weight. The amount of ingots you get has to do with the base weight of the ore, not the number of ore in the stack.
  12. Missing .MUL and Enhanced Client

    The UO Client has to be installed on the Server, and must be patched to most recent update.
  13. HousePlacementTool with uses

    Without being able to fully read those errors, my guess is you are running an older version of ServUO or RunUO, and the file in question is for the newest version. I think those errors say all the Custom House Content houses are not found which is what is leading me to that assumption.
  14. HousePlacementTool with uses

    Find the line "public virtual void OnPlacement(BaseHouse house) { }" And replace it with " public virtual void OnPlacement(BaseHouse house) { this.Delete(); } "
  15. Trying to work a script while working, totally stuck.

    Only other oddity I can think of, is Resistances are considered read-only values, or at least, they can't be modified by someone with Administrator access.
  16. Trying to work a script while working, totally stuck.

    PlayerMobile.ColdResistance, PlayerMobile.EnergyResistance, PlayerMobile.FireResistance, PlayerMobile.PoisonResistance, PlayerMobile.PhysicalResistance Try those, since that is the field modified via props command.
  17. How to Download and Start Server?

    And to add onto Kanivas post, Once you get into your server, use the Owners account to run [CreateWorld, and [GenMiniChamp to generate your world from the config files that come with ServUO
  18. How to Download and Start Server? Download, extract, compile, and execute.
  19. SA has no spawn

    [MiniChampGen iirc
  20. EntityEnumerator OOB: 1 when using Boats

    I have been able to delete the boat, and replace the boat, same issue every time. And yeah I looked into the error, but the weirdest thing is, the OOB number changes as you pilot. Anywhere between 1 and 7.