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  1. Pathfinding: Client (double right click) vs Server Mobiles

    Is the pathfinding in the client done independent of the server (ServUO)? I noticed that the pathfinding (double right click) on the client is pretty good. It can navigate multiple stories, stairs, objects. The mobiles in ServUO get stuck on some simple obstacles and I have never seen them...
  2. Item Animation Tutorials

    Hey All, Are there any item animation tutorials here on ServUO? Every animation help thread that I find is related to client animations (also very helpful) but I am hoping to find any information on the proper way to use UO Fiddler to insert item animations. I tried this so far: 1. Update item...
  3. How to add custom animations to UO

    Thanks friend. I'll pull the graphics form Odyssey!
  4. How to add custom animations to UO

    Does anybody know where we can find the Royal Griffin graphics that was referenced in the original post tutorial? Thanks!