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  1. Chucl

    Inquiring About XMLSpawner2's XMLPoints - Any Insights?

    Xmlspawner is a great system, it come with lots of features, also you can play with attachments without editing core files ♥ To me its a must have
  2. Chucl

    Slayer vulnerability...

    How come you cant edit it? download notepad++ and open the file, you should be able to edit and save the file
  3. Chucl

    How to check the spawner of an item?

  4. Chucl

    Animation Aura around

    Yeah, if im not wrong, they took that anim from anim:spells:spells for some reason that anim is not there anymore, anyway, they added some transparency to that anim, then added that anim to the muls, and send it constantly as a timer, or maybe its just an item you can wear, not that hard to do.
  5. Chucl

    Upgrading to .NET 4.8 for old projects

    very helpful thank you so much
  6. Chucl

    gold deposit....

    You welcome, i use tons of old scripts on my shard, if you encounter another problem, make a post, i might know wich script may cause it
  7. Chucl

    When doubleclicking an item, facing the direction of said item?

    Item is on the ground
  8. Chucl

    gold deposit....

    No no no, im the winner, i told you to check that script Thanks for being honorable ill share the prize with you
  9. Chucl

    gold deposit....

    Its a custom script tho
  10. Chucl

    gold deposit....

    Check if you have GameTimeGoldRewardTimer.cs
  11. Chucl


    so got it working? im glad!
  12. Chucl

    How to check the spawner of an item?

    Hello im using Xmlspawner, and Runuo, i know Xmlspawners can do many things I got an item that gets deleted after a player does Doubleclick i would like to change something inside the Xmlspawner right before the item gets deleted what i would like to do is to set the nextspawntime to...
  13. Chucl


    Its easy to debug those problems, add Console.WriteLine("1"); then Console.WriteLine("2"); and so on add it between lines then check console, to see where it reachs, then theres the issue before that line i feel like its either m_NextHarvest = DateTime.UtcNow; or the ItemID
  14. Chucl

    Level System Extreme

    maybe you are missing using Server.Engines.XmlSpawnerExtMod; ?
  15. Chucl

    Checking the playermobile inside GetProperties method?

    Thank you very much juzzver, i had to do it in a different way (im using Runuo) so the ''Mobile m'' part was giving me a small error if ( RootParentEntity is Mobile ) { Mobile holder = (Mobile)this.RootParent; XmlValue tanke =...
  16. Chucl

    Checking the playermobile inside GetProperties method?

    is there a way to check for a playermobile inside that method? i know how to check the parent mobile, but the custom property will only show up if the player is wearing the armor BaseArmor.cs public override void GetProperties( ObjectPropertyList list ) {...
  17. Chucl

    Whats this chance means?

    int DestroyChance = Utility.Random(3); if (DestroyChance > 0) // Success {
  18. Chucl

    Looking for items in first backpack level?

    Item vendaitem = from.Backpack.FindItemByType(typeof(Hides)false); Like that?
  19. Chucl

    Looking for items in first backpack level?

    I know how to look for items, but it looks whole backpack, is there a way to look for first level items? and avoid those inside containers? thanks
  20. Chucl

    Checking if player moved in the last 10 min?

    Anyone? thank you , im kidna lost btw im using Old Runuo 2.2