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    SERENITY UO 2593 * Faster casting cap is 6/6 *300 stat cap *Starter armor *all skills 100(120 individual skill cap) *Random items on mob/boss corpses have UPTO 15 stats. More luck/stats/intensity in Fel ( 10x better loot in Fel ) *PvP enabled...
  2. PvP OD

    Logon server: Port 2593 2/6 Casting 300 stat cap. ALL mobs 100% drop Artifacts. Custom VvV Rewards,custom artifacts. Daat99token rewards. Pentagram event.
  3. PvP OD

    Looking for players to test. Auto account is enabled just log in.
  4. PvP OD

    PvP OD /// 2593 4/6 Casting 300 stat cap Test center enabled. Token Rewards.
  5. Server public.

    Can someone please help me out, I have followed every port forwarding guide I have found, turned off every firewall. updated config file with my public ip and port. Server says its online when I check my my port. I have a friend try to log in and it freezes at char creation. We both are using...
  6. Serverlist.cs

    Which line do I add my server ip to in serverlist?
  7. how to make my server public

    which line in serverlist.cs do you add your ip?
  8. Stuck on Char Creation.

    I am using Dragons-legacy-alpha, servuo publish 54. fully patched.
  9. Stuck on Char Creation.

    friend trys to connect to server but freezes at char creation what would cause that I have tried googling it but nadda.
  10. Daat99tokens/champ bosses.

    You sir deserve a hug! Thank you so much!!
  11. Daat99tokens/champ bosses.

    How can I make champ bosses use daat99token shower instead of gold?
  12. Six Feet Under 2.0

    Six Feet Under 2.0 has been around for 5+ years Client: High Seas PvM/PvP Custom items/Reward Room 6/6 casting 100 all skills to start. Doom items have been enhanced. Custom bosses. Custom quests. Fully spawned world. Evo pets/Mercs. Staff Events. Website:
  13. hello

    hello im looking to get verified
  14. supp.