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  1. How to do mobileuo

    Hi guys, I see some servers are being able te get access via a mobile app. Is there something special I need to do for people to access my server with that app?
  2. XML Spawner Tutorial

    Where do I find these files in the folder? .xmlsave filename will save all of the spawners on the current map to the file .xmlsaveall filename will save all spawners in the world to the file
  3. Moving trap

    It's functional but the command is not working.
  4. Moving trap

    Hi guys, Anyone have a trick to remove this trap from the floor? I already tried with the [Remove command but it says the command does not work on that...
  5. Crafting Skills ignored by the Skillcap

    did you add this one? it should work. I just tried it.
  6. Xml Quests

    I need help with the following two things. 1. Is it possible to trigger the xml dialog for quests from an item instead of a Quest NPC? (I would like to have a quest triggered without the player seeing the NPC) 2. Is it possible to add a QuestAttachment after killing a mob?
  7. Barding Difficulty

    How do I change the barding difficulty in the code? I can't seem to find where creatures get their barding difficulty from...
  8. Covetous Spawners

    Hi all, need help understanding where the creatures are coming from. I notice all the xml spawners inside Covetous 3rd lvl are off. Yet I still see spawn appearing.
  9. Crash log

    Thanks Kita, that documentation helps. New path is just C:\NewServer\ :P
  10. Crash log

    Thanks guys, I'll try it once more. Not sure why it continues to say OneDrive when the folder is on my desktop and I'm not signed in on OneDrive.
  11. Crash log

    Where do I look to confirm this? I changed the name and it is still not working although the error message did seem to change at the end.
  12. Crash log

    It happened again. :( I had placed it in a different folder to avoid the onedrive thing... It was working for like a week and now this again... Not sure what's going on. I am using 2 different client folders as I am using the same machine to run the server and play. I also have the ServUO exe...
  13. Crash log

    I ended up creating a new server since I am just recently learning. Thanks for the pointer on the "Saves" subfolder I'll keep that one in mind. Although I changed the server from folder it seems it was still pointing at the OneDrive for some reason, it continues to give the same error no...
  14. Crash log

    Ok, so new question. What files do I need to copy over on a new server if I want to bring up a new server with old data? I see a back up folder created on the old server, but where do I replace it on the new one?
  15. Crash log

    Hi guys, I was marking a few running in Tokuno when the server crashed... Below the log. Server Crash Report =================== ServUO Version 0.5, Build 8506.31119 Operating System: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.19044.0 .NET Framework: 4.0.30319.42000 Time: 4/19/2023 12:57:23 AM Mobiles: 42740...
  16. Runebooks

    Players get a message saying "You are unable to use that!".
  17. Runebooks

    Trying to make a rune library in one of the buildings in New Haven. My issue is that other players can remove the runes from the runebooks I place. Is there away to avoid this? I went over the properties of the runebook, the level is set to Owner, but since it is not in an actual house, I think...
  18. Need help with Quest GUMPS

    I found the isse, I had two "/"...
  19. Help with clothing on Spawn

    How do I control the cloth and hair the NPC spawns with?
  20. Proximity Activated prop

    Is there a delay with the proximity command? I feel it takes to long to kick in.