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    Thank you, these are beautiful.

    Pool Table Set

    OUTLANDSOwyn submitted a new resource: Pool Table Set - Complete partial hue pool table set with accessories Read more about this resource...

    Art Pool Table Set 2023-04-13

    Gone are the days of makeshift UO pool tables.. Set includes: - 4 partial hue stools - Partial hue pool table facing both directions - Wall mounted partial hue cue rack - Partial hue pool cues in 8 different directions - Racked balls - Balls in various states of play Enjoy! Please credit UO...

    Looking for work (Artist)

    I can vouch for the work of RedRooster! Enjoy your new UO artwork.

    How to Save in Centered

    It saves automatically as you go, but if you want to force a save, you can Flush to HDD as MrRiots said.


    In your cedserver.xml config, change your format. Try 0x0002, 0x0004, 0x000C until one works. I don't know the rhyme or reason to these numbers.

    Tile Data Question

    Height helps the client to stack items more cleanly. IE: dropping an item on a table with a correct height value will sit the item properly. A weight of 255 will stop the client from highlighting the item on mouse-over.


    Modify your VirtualTiles.xml. Remove entries listed which you want to see.


    Did these ever have an animation?
  10. OUTLANDSOwyn

    Shard & Assets Ownership Debate

    Obviously I struggle with this kind of misinformation being spread around, and then struggle further with you suggesting that credit and permission are acts not worth pursuing. I have gone to great lengths and expense to develop relationships, acquire assets and build a team capable of...
  11. OUTLANDSOwyn

    Abandoned or Donated Full Shards

    The main developer MobOfMonsters/Alan got a promotion and moved across the country, basically abandoning the project. He would consult on development when available, and Admerylous did his best to learn and pick up from there, but he wasn't quite as adept. Ultimately, some controversial changes...
  12. OUTLANDSOwyn

    Abandoned or Donated Full Shards

    I built 3 dungeons for Rel Por when I worked on the project (they called these "Mount Oweno" "Muskeg Chasm" and level 2 of "Demergo Swamps"), and was given permission by Admerylous (founder of Rel Por) to repurpose the Pulma theme for Outlands. Admerylous built our dungeon "Nusero" for...
  13. OUTLANDSOwyn

    curious construction helper

    Can't wait to see more. Huge fan.
  14. OUTLANDSOwyn

    curious construction helper

    ServUO is a great resource, alternatively you could submit to @eri is the art angel of the UO community.
  15. OUTLANDSOwyn

    Custom Areas

    Altering the map in this way requires you distribute new files to all of your players. You can make these alterations by building ingame using Pandoras Box or whatever GM tool you prefer, or use a worldbuilding tool like CentrED+ to edit the map directly.
  16. OUTLANDSOwyn

    curious construction helper

    Hi Korm, Awesome work. Would love for you to share more! Owyn
  17. OUTLANDSOwyn

    CerntrED+ Tilebrush

    You're welcome! Have fun! Share screenshots of your work!
  18. OUTLANDSOwyn

    CerntrED+ Tilebrush

    You're welcome! Have fun!
  19. OUTLANDSOwyn

    CerntrED+ Tilebrush

    OUTLANDSOwyn submitted a new resource: CerntrED+ Tilebrush - CentrED+ Tilebrush Read more about this resource... 1570403513 We are hopeful this brings more mappers out of the woodwork. The tilebrush should have been included in the default installation, as placing terrain tiles by hand is...
  20. OUTLANDSOwyn

    CerntrED+ Tilebrush 2019-10-06

    The main barrier of entry to mapping is the terrain tilebrush. Outlands would like to see the community grow, not shrink. @m309 was generous enough to give me his tilebrush config, albeit custom to his project. We have therefor provided our Tilebrush to UO mappers who would like to use...