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  1. Allow only custom clients to connect to my ServUO server

    I wonder if ClassicUO team and ServUO could work together to where you could generate a key on ServUO side and link it to a client and if you didn't have the key it wouldn't let it connect allowing for disabling some features and things as well? Just ideas.
  2. CentrED# (Rewrite of Original)

    Pakk submitted a new resource: CentrED# (Rewrite of Original) - Map Builder Read more about this resource...
  3. Maps CentrED# (Rewrite of Original) 2023-09-06

    I am not the creator of this I only hope to share it as it was useful after looking and needing this tool. It is to update the original/rewrite it to work with newer clients and be more stable. I am merely posting this so people will help the projcet, find the solution + create more maps for...
  4. Spawning Stealable Items

    If you can find the person on the repo who removed it maybe you can ask why it was removed, maybe it was a stability thing more than a decision to just cut from the community as a whole. Obviously more functionality is better - it might be worth seeing who removed it and getting a why? Finding...
  5. Crafting Skills ignored by the Skillcap

    I had no luck either and was recently tinkering with this.
  6. Crafting Skills ignored by the Skillcap

    Did anyone ever get this figured, I as well am having this issue.. obviously the code has progressed since then and is a bit different but after doing some tweaking this was the exact same issue that I was haviung.