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  1. Leonel Strouse

    Blue book tested and losing info on page 1

    I tried a clean latest servuo with the latest classic client and a different versions of razor just to make sure and I am still having the same issues.
  2. Leonel Strouse

    Fixed Ultima Store wrong name for "LargeGlowingLadyBug"

    The Lady bug has the same title as the woodworkersbenchdeed ultimastore.cs Register<WoodworkersBenchDeed>(1026641, 1156670, 0x14F0, 0, 0, 600, cat); Register<LargeGlowingLadyBug>(1026641, 1156660, 0x2CFD, 0, 0, 200, cat); Please follow the below template when submitting a bug report. Thank you...
  3. Leonel Strouse

    Fixed System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException

    Error: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the ta rget of an invocation. ---> System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Server.Region.Register() at Server.Items.HighSeasPersistance.Configure() --- End of...
  4. Leonel Strouse


    Leonel Strouse updated AdvanceInteriorDecorator with a new update entry: Update with Servuo's "King's Collection Decorate" changes on 11/09/2019 Read the rest of this update entry...
  5. Leonel Strouse

    AdvanceInteriorDecorator - Update with Servuo's "King's Collection Decorate" changes on 11/09/2019

    Merged the changes that were done with Servuo. Servuo added changes to the InteriorDecorator.cs: I merged those changes into this AdvanceInteriorDecorator.cs Version: 0.002
  6. Leonel Strouse

    Fixed Ultima Store gump problem with latest code version (Enhanced and 2d client)

    Just tested and had same issue. I commented out the the area of what was added in this update and was able to open the store again. The update was: Again, I commented out those changes and was able to get the...
  7. Leonel Strouse

    The Elf On the Shelf Quest

    I skimmed the code real quick.. and seen information for "Cranky" as another elf. But I do not see that in your package. Do we need to create another npc or did you forget to add "Cranky" in your package?
  8. Leonel Strouse

    link for the decorator script?

    link for the decorator script?
  9. Leonel Strouse

    Blue book tested and losing info on page 1

    I am at atm, I guess I will update and check. Ok I updated and also downloaded a clean version of servuo, ran the Release.bat, started server, made account, signed into game [add bluebook, put book in my backpack, opened it and started writing in it for approx. 3 pages, closed book by...
  10. Leonel Strouse

    Master Runebook Error Since Servuo update as of 10/08/2019

    Did a servuo update this morning and since been having issues with the master runebook. Errors: + AAAS -fixed for servuo/MasterRuneBook/InternalRunebookGump.cs: CS7036: Line 569: There is no argument given that corresponds to the require d formal parameter 'type' of...
  11. Leonel Strouse

    Blue book tested and losing info on page 1

    @Dexter_Lexia Can you take a look at the books also?
  12. Leonel Strouse

    Thanks, Hello and hope your day is as awesome also... ;)

    Thanks, Hello and hope your day is as awesome also... ;)
  13. Leonel Strouse

    Blue book tested and losing info on page 1

    Classic. Sorry didn’t think of saying which client I was using.
  14. Leonel Strouse


    I posted about the book issue. Its not only you.... here is the link I did of the book bug.
  15. Leonel Strouse

    Blue book tested and losing info on page 1

    Clean Servuo current as of today. Download compile exe and run server. Add BlueBook open and write in it to page 2 or more. Close the book Reopen the book by double clicking on it. All the information on page 1 and so on is missing. Seemed to save the last line but when I try to backspace...
  16. Leonel Strouse


    I just downloaded a clean version of servuo and was able to add a house and use the AdvanceDecortationTool without a problem. As for the book issue, I just tested with a blue book and it appears anything written on the first page disappears after the book is closed. I will post about it in the...
  17. Leonel Strouse


    Are you using the current Servuo? Is the item your trying to turn, tunable? Try using with a MetalChest that is locked down in a house you own or coown?
  18. Leonel Strouse

    Icommodity (ServUo)

    Been trying to transfer some of my old Runuo server files to Servuo.... And having this work in a CommodityDeed... Script: using System; using Server.Items; namespace Server.Items { public class GammaCrystalDust : Item, ICommodity { int ICommodity.DescriptionNumber { get {...
  19. Leonel Strouse

    Not A Bug Unable to [add LighthouseAddon

    Was not able to [add LighthouseAddon Modified the script to fix. Attached is a copy of the script, with the fix, in order to add the addon.
  20. Leonel Strouse

    Fixed Remove or Delete command, used on item locked down in house, leaves summary still showing its lockdown(s).

    Steps: 1 lock down item in house 2 use command [remove or [delete it will delete but still shows in the house list of lockdowns. I have not tested secured items as of yet. **Restarting the sever afterwards seems to have cleared out the lockdowns.