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    High Seas Bosses and Artifacts

    Tacurumin submitted a new resource: High Seas Bosses and Artifacts - The 3 High Seas bosses : Corgul, Charybids and Osiredon Read more about this resource...
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    Fixed Gargoyle Death

    I have noticed that when a players with the Gargoyle race dies the bodyvalue turns into the human race bodyvalue. So i decided to do an "Gargoyle Death" on the OnDeath method inside playermobile.cs. So here is the result : Just put this : #region Gargulas Morrem if...
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    Hi =D

    Hi guys, my name is Lucas and on the internet my nickname is TacurumiN. I'm from Brazil and here me and my friend César have a shard called "GeNova Reborn". The UO public here in Brazil is constantly decreasing and that's a problem but we are working to bring to the public a different shard...