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  1. Voxpire

    Attempting to Setup Capture The Flag

    Some options are only available when other options are configured, you can select individual teams to configure them by clicking on their names in the team list window.
  2. Voxpire

    FS-ATS Animal taming.(Test question).

    I'm not sure how it works, but almost all level systems have an exposed property or two that allow you to tweak things... keep feeding it XP (or whatever it uses) until it reaches max level, whether that be through [add of an XP item (if exists) or through [props and targeting the pet itself.
  3. Voxpire

    Pet auto guard first when you attack.

    You can upgrade your project .NET support. Otherwise, this is the code without Linq: public override void OnCombatantChange() { base.OnCombatantChange(); if (Combatant != null) { foreach (var m in AllFollowers) { BaseCreature pet = m as BaseCreature...
  4. Voxpire

    About the Luck System

    It isn't possible to tell exactly what changes you've made.
  5. Voxpire

    Upgrading to .NET 4.8 for old projects

    Voxpire submitted a new resource: Upgrading to .NET 4.8 for old projects - How to update older RunUO or ServUO shards to target .NET 4.8 Read more about this resource...
  6. Voxpire

    Misc Upgrading to .NET 4.8 for old projects

    This tutorial is a short and sweet step-by-step guide on updating the target framework for older projects such as RunUO 2.2 and earlier, or ServUO P56 and earlier. This assumes that your project is set up with the necessary SLN and CSPROJ files needed to compile using MSBuild / CSC. Using...
  7. Voxpire

    Organize and OrganizeUI

    This is so old that it's very difficult to support... but if you follow the instructions in this comment you should be able to compile it.
  8. Voxpire

    Checking the playermobile inside GetProperties method?

    On this note, edit the RunUO csproj files and change the target framework to 4.8 Edit ScriptCompiler.cs and add this line inside the GetCompilerOptions method: AppendCompilerOption(ref sb, "/langversion:7.3"); Now you can compile using .net 4.8 syntax.
  9. Voxpire

    How to check the spawner of an item?

    In the item code itself, you can override the Delete method (not usually recommended but fine if it's done safely): public override void Delete() { // is the current items' Spawner an XmlSpawner? if (Spawner is XmlSpawner xs) { // look through the spawner's entries...
  10. Voxpire

    How to do mobileuo

    There is a wrapper for CUO, but there's not much need to do it when CUO is web-capable now; Join the discord and sign up as a shard owner to have your shard listed in the web directory.
  11. Voxpire

    How i can get "Caster" var and "Caster.Location" "Caster.Map" arg.?

    Edit 1: public bool CheckCast(Mobile caster) Edit 2: if (!IsValidLocation(caster.Location, caster.Map)) Edit 3: caster.SendLocalizedMessage(1072705); // You must be standing on an arcane circle, pentagram or abbatoir to use this spell. Edit 4: if (CheckCast(from))
  12. Voxpire

    gold deposit....

    It's likely using the Banker.Deposit() method, you'll have to inspect everything that invokes it; in VS with ServUO.sln loaded, right-click on Banker.Deposit in the text editor, then select Find All References - you can use the results list to skip directly to each file that it appears in. You...
  13. Voxpire

    Checking if player moved in the last 10 min?

    That version of RunUO specifically uses DateTime.Now for these checks, 2.3 and everything after uses DateTime.UtcNow, just something to keep in mind if you port any code from later versions... if ( mobile.LastMoveTime.AddMinutes(10) >= DateTime.Now ) { // they have moved within the last 10...
  14. Voxpire

    Looking for items in first backpack level?

    Depending on the method you are using to search for items, it should have a bool argument for "recursive". FindItemsByType(type, false) for example.
  15. Voxpire

    I have a question about FireField magic damage

    It is possible to provide a damage amount as an additional argument for FireFieldItem (line 86) to override the default base value of 2 (per tick): new FireFieldItem(itemID, pnt, Caster, Caster.Map, duration); Modified: int damage = 2; // increase this to increase base damage per tick new...
  16. Voxpire

    I'm planning to create a massive project for remixing EVERY SINGLE UO midi...

    I really admire your tenacity and passion, as a big fan of EDM, I can't wait to see what you do with this, keep pushing forward, eyes on the prize, no distractions! :cool:
  17. Voxpire


    If you rent a Virtual Private Server (VPS) you will have remote desktop access to that server and you can treat it the same as your home PC; you transfer your shard to the VPS and run the exe. If you want to make your local shard public on your home network, you can follow this; The default...
  18. Voxpire

    I have a question about the maximum physical strength of a monster

    It's the same limit for each stat;
  19. Voxpire

    Unable to access house menu

    Your version of RunUO houses is set up to require the house key in your backpack; public bool IsOwner( Mobile m ) { if ( m == null ) return false; if ( m.AccessLevel >= AccessLevel.GameMaster ) return true...
  20. Voxpire

    Unable to access house menu

    How did you place the house; with a deed, the house placement tool, or via [add? The first two will set you to the owner of the house, the latter will not. [area interface where basehouse ^ This command will let you access the props gump for the house, you can check if the Owner property is set...