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  1. Olórin

    Skill increases as a quest reward.

    AddReward( new BaseReward( typeof(SoTChivalry), 1, "Chivalry SOT")); you can change the wording in " " this is the text to be displayed and remove the 1077727
  2. Olórin

    Animated Paddle Boat (N)

    Just decoration.
  3. Olórin

    Freezing a map

    Just for the record, I figured out why it wouldnt work, just in case someone comes here in the future with the same problem. The files the server was trying to write to were in the default directory, which is in C:\Program FIles. There is security on this folder that was stopping the server...
  4. Olórin

    Skill increases as a quest reward.

    Instead of trying to make the quest do it, give them an item that does it, like an SoT modified to give 100 skill points. Use that, but instead of a PS, add an SoT with 100 skill points
  5. Olórin

    I have a question about setting up the Teleporter item.

    cant you just props it in game and change it?
  6. Olórin

    Bulk Order Point Deed

    Hey Dan, this item has been quite a hit with players, Is it possible to add a skill requirement to these. Like, to use it you must have 100 Blacksmithy?
  7. Olórin

    Freezing a map

    I am, I have a client installed in the default folder, just for servUO and all the clients I use for playing the game are on a different drive.
  8. Olórin

    Freezing a map

    I made the change, even tho I use separate UO installs, 1 for server, and 1 for every new server I login to. Yet im still getting the error above.. (ServUO 57.2) can anyone help?
  9. Olórin

    KR War horse Mount

    That looks like UOFiddler: UO Fiddler
  10. Olórin

    Freezing & Distributing Files

    I was curious on any tips for freezing new sections of map, I know to take the spawners & mobiles out of the area, but is there anything else one should know? Also, exactly which files do i need to make available for download? If anyone would like to write a guide on it, that would be awesome!
  11. Olórin

    The Cu Llama

    Nice thank you!
  12. Olórin

    UO Battle Cards

    How is the installation, does it require alot of core edits? or is it plug n play?
  13. Olórin

    Hey guys and gals I just added a new mount with an issue, maybe someone can help me fix...

    Hey guys and gals I just added a new mount with an issue, maybe someone can help me fix
  14. Olórin

    The Cu Llama

    Olórin submitted a new resource: The Cu Llama - Tamable, Mount Read more about this resource...
  15. Olórin

    The Cu Llama 2023-08-26

    Ladies and Gentlemen! Say hello to the new Cu Llama :D This is my 1st attempt at creating a mount so please exucse the noobish coding. It was made for a friend who loves Llamas, This Llama comes in all the colors that the Cu Sidhe comes in. But he is a human version of the Cu Sidhe. Only Humans...
  16. Olórin

    BOD Crafting Manuals

    Olórin submitted a new resource: BOD Crafting Manuals - BOD Crafting Manuals That Grant BOD Bank Points. Read more about this resource... Ugh! I Missed an edit on these. Replace BODPointDeedScribe.cs in the package you download with this file attached to this reply. ;) If you want to just...
  17. Olórin

    BOD Crafting Manuals 2023-08-17

    These scripts originated from this post: I just did the leg work to make each individual craft, and I out my own spin on it too. They are now Crafting Manuals, and you have one for every craft, each one hued to match its bod...
  18. Olórin

    Temple Of The Dragon

    Serenity submitted a new resource: Temple Of The Dragon - Dragon, Structure, Temple Read more about this resource...
  19. Olórin

    Temple Of The Dragon 2023-08-09

    A 6 hour build. The Golden Dragon Temple! Massive Addon statue/structure.
  20. Olórin

    Region Control

    Cool! thank you, thank you! this one complies.. ill throw it on the server and see what happens after restart tomorrow :)