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    Backpack and inventory bug?

    exact! this solved! thanks a lot Milva!
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    Backpack and inventory bug?

    Hi guys! I'm using the cliente with publish 54 and i'm having some problems with the inventory, when i log in, if i try to change, unequip or equip some item, that item disappears, and just come back if i go to a moongate e travel for islhenar, tokuno or termur, somebody have any ideia...
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    Hello :P

    Hello for everybody! My name is César, commonly known by the nickname bigleitom :P I'm from Brazil and actually, me and my friend TacurumiN are trying to bring UO back to his good times here in Brazil, we're working in a shard "Genova Reborn" for about 5 years, our goal is to offer all players...