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  1. Malbolger

    Level System 3 - Rerelease

    Sorry for posting again, I could not find an edit button to append to my original reply. If you would like to gain experience from Harvesting you need to find in HarvestSystem.cs around line 244. EventSink.InvokeResourceHarvestSuccess(new ResourceHarvestSuccessEventArgs(from, tool, item...
  2. Malbolger

    Level System 3 - Rerelease

    Just downloaded this and had a few errors revolving around checking if the BaseCreature "HasBreath". Since BaseCreature no longer has this property here is a work around. We need to first check for an ability profile since not all creatures have them. Then we check to see if they have special...
  3. Malbolger

    Learning C# with Bob Tabor!

    I found these set of video's very helpful! This is for absolute beginners! It teaches the very basics but by the end you will know your way around C# pretty well. Bob Tabor, has a great...
  4. Malbolger

    Abandoned/Donated Shards

    The server that Zippy released was Rebirth iirc.
  5. Malbolger

    Hail to thee!

    Thank you.
  6. Malbolger

    Hail to thee!

    Hello everyone, I would like to introduce myself. I am a 31 year old stay at home father of two boys who has been playing UO since 97'-98'. I have been around the RunUO community since beta 6ish? Possibly before that but it is hard to remember anyone who used to be on the test server then let...