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    Bad Serialize - What now??

    I made this script from an old script I had, and it compiles with no problems, but when I add one in the game and the server restarts I get the following error. I hope this is an easy fix because I actually made that box have pages, (the one I started with did not) and I figured out how to put...
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    Warning on Script, to fix or not to fix

    This is a warning I get for this script. Turkeyshooter.cs(34,37,34,42): warning CS0114: 'Turkeyshooter.OnHit(Mobile, Mobile)' hides inherited member 'BaseWeapon.OnHit(Mobile, Mobile)'. To make the current member override that implementation, add the override keyword. Otherwise add the new...
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    World won't load error

    I'm getting this error now when my server restarts. I am guessing something is out of certain set bounds, but I don't know how to find out what it is.
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    UOFiddler Auto Closing

    Every single time I try and click on the GUMPS tab in UO Fiddler it closes on me. I've downloaded a couple different UOFiddlers and all with the same issue? Any others have this problem?
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    Personalized Items in Gift Giving

    I want to give the snowman but I want it named the name of the player. I'm not sure how to put that in the script. Can anyone help? using System; using Server.Items; namespace Server.Misc { public class Xmas2019 : GiftGiver { public override DateTime Start {...
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    Queen Zhah doesn't TALK

    I added the Zhah script and I can add Queen Zhah in game but she doesn't have the talk option when you single click her, nor does she give you the quest when you double click her. The script compiled fine. I'm pasting it in here, maybe I need to add something? using System; using Server...
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    Stack Overflow Extension

    My server stopped responding and the control said Process stopped due to Stack Overflow Extension Now what do I do? It restarted fine but I don't want it to happen again.
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    Find Teleporter by Serial Number

    Hello, is there a way to search for a teleporter by the Serial Number? I tried [global interface where Teleporter Serial == 0x4001E12D but it said it can't convert the serial into Server.Serial
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    Unhandled Microsoft .NET Framework exception error

    My shard doesn't crash but it just stops responding, so there is no crash report. But VS Just In Time Debugger says: An unhandled Microsoft .NET Framework exception occurred in ServUO.exe [2752] Then it asks if I want to debug. Can anyone help me with this?
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    Adding custom mobs

    I'm trying to add a tribe of people that ride tigers. They spawn ok but when he spawns, the tiger is invisible. However, if I spawn the tiger separately it is visible when I ride it. My rider script is as follows: using System; using Server; using Server.Misc; using Server.Network; using...
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    New Creature Script doesn't work

    Can someone tell me why this script doesn't work. It compiles fine, but won't add the creature in game. I made it for a quest I'm making. I used an existing script (that works) and just made a few changes to it. 1557950783 Here is the script not in an attached format. using System; using...
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    Issues with the TAKE command

    I've got my spawners set up with a simple quest, the player has to retrieve an item, and when they bring it back the spawner is set up to TAKE the item and reward them with a GIVE on the next line. The GIVE is working but it doesn't TAKE the item. Any ideas why??
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    How to Add Custom Art to your Shard

    Dezzie created a new tutorial: How to Add Custom Art to your Shard Read this tutorial...
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    Adding Newer Client Artwork to older client

    My shard has a lot of custom art, and I wanted to add some new art from the most recent EA client. the custom artwork was added for me previously by a friend that no longer plays and isn't around. I have seen so many posts on how to do this, but they all link back to a runuo site which is no...
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    You must upgrade your account Issue with custom client

    I updated my client to and because I have custom artwork on my shard I copied over all my art files. Before I did this, I added in the new art that EA added. Now when my players want to build houses with TOL walls it gives them the message that they need to upgrade their accounts with...
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    UO Auto Map and Eodon Valley

    I'm looking for the Eodon Valley maps for UO AutoMap. Has anyone got them or do you know where they can be found? Thanks
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    Region Controller and Tome of Nature Spells

    When I add a region controller to eliminate or restrict spells in a certain area, the tome of nature spells are not included on the list. Anyone know how to fix this? In very plain language, as I am not a scripter. Thank You
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    Body Values are in which file?

    Which files contain the bodyvalues for UO? Is it possible to not update my client, but update the files so that I can have the most recent body values from TOL?
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    Skill Trigger Doesn't seem to work on my spawner.

    I have a skills temple where players can take a generic skill scroll and increase their skill by 1 point to a maximum of 130. This is supposed to only work if the skill is already at 120. I have one xmlspawner for each skill named CAP SKILLNAME and one main spawner named SKILL AWARD ADD. When...
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    Imbuing Script Help

    I hope this is the right forum for this question. I have imbuing for jewelry on my shard, and right now a person can add the same skill 5 times to a piece of jewelry with a max each time of 15. ie: Animal Taming 15, Animal Taming 15, Animal Taming 15, Animal Taming 15, Animal Taming 15. It...