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  1. Argalep

    Will ServUO support EC?

    There is EC support in ServUO.
  2. Argalep

    Secret Chest

    If there's someone with this stuff at OSI, let's get in touch. I'd like to improve it.
  3. Argalep

    MailKit & MimeKit Implementation (SMTP)

    SmtpClient and its network of types are poorly designed, we strongly recommend you use and instead Description: Use the attached files to solve the problem of sending mail in the Linux operating system. Solution: -...
  4. Argalep

    Forum Permission Problem

    @dmurphy There is a problem displaying the topics on the forums.
  5. Argalep

    Status Bar Issue

    I solved the problem. I will send PR soon
  6. Argalep

    Status Bar Issue

    Status bar should never appear.
  7. Argalep

    Status Bar Issue

    I develop the Mannequin. I tested the osi. The status bar does not appear. How do I do that. @Voxpire sniff output: 11 - Mobile Status Serial: 0xD240A8 Name: A mannequin Allow Name Change: False Female: False Strength: -1 Hit Points: 25 Max. Hit Points: 25...
  8. Argalep

    ServUO Code Cleanup / Project cleaning

    I do not think you need the extra functions in xmlspawner.
  9. Argalep

    Implementation of SHA512 for ServUO shard Passwords

    I have account integration with XenForo in my server. Therefore, there is no opinion on this issue :)
  10. Argalep

    UO Enhanced Launcher

    argalep updated UO Enhanced Launcher with a new update entry: New UO Enhanced Launcher Read the rest of this update entry...
  11. Argalep

    Launcher UO Enhanced Launcher - New UO Enhanced Launcher

    Installation: ECLauncherSetup.rar extract setup.exe install Clicking shortcuts on desktop (UO Enhanced Launcher) * virus problem resolved * installation path : C:\Program Files (x86)\UOECLauncher * server information path : %appdata%\UOECLauncher\launcher.xml
  12. Argalep


    ArisenController.cs change to public void OnTick() { // check time int hours, minutes; Clock.GetTime(Map.TerMur, 997, 3869, out hours, out minutes); // Holy City m_Spawned = (hours >= SpawnHour && hours < DespawnHour) &&...
  13. Argalep

    Update Range and new Game Play Window Sizes

    I checked OSI TC Macro Options : - Increase Update Range - Decrease Update Range - Update Range Info Note: Has been fixed for the operation of macro commands. ( Increasing client drawing range fix. ) Game Play Window Size: 640x480 -> Adjustable -> Min Update Range: 5 , Max Update Range : 18...
  14. Argalep

    Arya's Region Editor 2.1

    argalep updated Arya Region Editor 2.1 with a new update entry: minor fix Read the rest of this update entry...
  15. Argalep

    Misc Arya's Region Editor 2.1 - minor fix

    minor fix
  16. Argalep

    Arya's Region Editor 2.1

    argalep submitted a new resource: Arya Region Editor 2.1 - region, editor Read more about this resource...
  17. Argalep

    Misc Arya's Region Editor 2.1 2.1.1
  18. Argalep

    Fatal error everytime!

    right click server.exe run as admin
  19. Argalep

    Trying to update Exodus on an existing shard

    If you updated repo. You do not have to do anything else.