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  1. Juzzver

    3x3 matrice

    Sounds like Iris UO client what is open source.
  2. Juzzver

    Double-Clicking to Equip It works with replacing equipped items
  3. Juzzver

    Gift Giving working on test but not main

    This system based on the LastLogin time. Probably while you testing this on local server with old saves, all characters have a lower date than StartDate value, and in this case it works well. But on the main server players have updated LastLogin values. For example you've set in script StartDate...
  4. Juzzver

    Can I change the supported C# version of the RunUO script compiler?

    Default RunUO ScriptCompiler can't use language more than C# 4 or 5. To make this work you need to rewrite a bit default CSharpCodeProvider in ScriptCompiler and start using Roslyn compiler what supports lang version like C# 7.3, etc Another one method - it's stop using the ScriptCompiler and...
  5. Juzzver

    Can't Connect

    Make sure that the check mark with "Remove Encription" on Razor window is enabled before launch the client
  6. Juzzver

    World Boss

    Would be better to create the spawneable minions in block with validLocation if (validLocation) { spawned.MoveToWorld(loc, map); spawned.Combatant = m; } Because otherwise, if the map doesn't find a valid place in the range to spawn, you'll...
  7. Juzzver

    Server time

    Command "Time" shows the date in UTC time, so it can look different between your local time. You could change this in Scripts\Commands\ShardTime.cs from to But all server configuration will continue using UTC time to avoid problems with local time and seasonal clock change
  8. Juzzver

    Writing to a .log file

    You could use next ingame commands for this: First command shows you all active members who logged to the game from 10 December to current date, their name, lastonline date, gametime and sorted them by lastonline filter. Second command gives to everyone a LargeBagBall (aka GiftBox with your...
  9. Juzzver

    Explain houses to me!

    Instead it's better to use: [add basemulti 0x74 I didn't sure that multies have Constructable flags, but it works :)
  10. Juzzver

    Explain houses to me!

    These params are offsets (X, Y, Z) from cetral point of house. (id == 0xA2 ? 24 : 27) - they're just Z -cases for different door ItemIDs For example, you can place a multi in the game, such as a scripted house, and check the center point with the following command: [area interface where...
  11. Juzzver

    RunUO 2.3 - Local testing server

    Old releases were delivered without a visual studio project You can download source codes from official releases page: Releases · runuo/runuo For example, the latest version 2.7 already includes the "sln" project.
  12. Juzzver

    [Quickly, Efficiently, Inexpensively] Looking for work

    It sounds simple. The standard quest system already includes all the necessary conditions, such as the goal, reward, progress status. It's sufficient to add a difficulty level, consolidate them into a common interface, and sort them as you find convenient, +displaying the rewards. However, the...
  13. Juzzver

    How to make the keys blessed by default?

    Need to add to the constructor next property: LootType = LootType.Blessed; Example: [Constructable] public GargishBracelet() : base(0x4211) { LootType = LootType.Blessed; }
  14. Juzzver

    Freezing a map

    Make sure that you're using two different clients (one for server data, another for login to the game). Make sure that your changes compiled, etc.
  15. Juzzver

    Encrypted Client
  16. Juzzver

    Client Encryption issue.

    There are 2 ways, choose what do you prefer: Server side solution: Encryption system: Key Login Calculator:
  17. Juzzver

    Checking the playermobile inside GetProperties method?

    // item not in a container or not equipped == item on the ground if ( this.ParentEntity == null ) { XmlValue tanke = (XmlValue)XmlAttach.FindAttachment(holder, typeof(XmlValue), "attach test"); if ( tanke != null ) { // send green props } }
  18. Juzzver

    Checking the playermobile inside GetProperties method?

    if (RootParentEntity is Mobile m && m.Items.Contains(this)) { // to do something }
  19. Juzzver

    Looking for items around, we randomly pick one

    You don't need second "foreach" for one random value. Just use next: if(ToShow.Count > 0) { XmlSpawner xml_item2 = ToShow[Utility.Random(ToShow.Count - 1)] as XmlSpawner; xml_item2.Respawn()...
  20. Juzzver

    Looking for items around, we randomly pick one

    You need to convert the type before use its methods. Change the: Item xml_item2 = ToShow[Utility.Random(corpsesCount - 1)]; to XmlSpawner xml_item2 = ToShow[Utility.Random(corpsesCount - 1)] as XmlSpawner; Or just create the list of List<XmlSpawner> instead of List<Item>