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    And I don't know how to start. Mrs. Lara Fabian sings to my headphones here. I have the right subtext for what I want to do for a long time. The last two months are very intense and demanding. The attitude of the world is one that I do not understand. And this attitude hurts people. In all...
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    UO CentrED doesnt launch client after connecting to server

    Born2pkForced2rp means something else. He failed to connect to the centred server. If this resolved deleting the folder in AppData, then I think the Cache files in that folder were corrupted. Subsequent reconnections will create new cache files that will already be correct.
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    CentrED+ Upload

    I am using the latest version of Ultima Online, this is not a problem.
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    CentrED+ Upload

    Configure the center on the uop file format and put the 0x001c flag in the format. For example, as follows: <Map> <Map>map4LegacyMUL.uop</Map> <StaIdx>staidx4.mul</StaIdx> <Statics>statics4.mul</Statics> <Width>181</Width> <Height>181</Height> <Prefix>4</Prefix>...
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    How about this function? Is it practical?

    very interesting
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    Summary of tiledata settings

    I've been doing UO for 18 years and I still don't know what the Transparent flag means. :)
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    Summary of tiledata settings

    No such site has ever existed and does not exist. You have to try it in a "trial and error" style. But I'll give advice. See how different objects are set up. You'll know how to give flags. "Foliage" is a clear setting for the treetop, it causes transparency when the player character enters...
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    Inside-UO ?

    What version of UO fiddler do you use and what version of Ultima Online? It seems to me that you have it damaged somewhere. Either the operating system or these two installation programs. This is how UO Fiddler should not behave as you describe it. On the contrary, it should show everything.
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    Inside-UO ?

    GumpStudio is a very old program I wouldn't rely on. And I admit, I don't use it. It is not stable. However, UO Fiddler latest version can load uop directly from settings. See picture: The best way to find information about the UO Fiddler program is with the author. At UOFiddler -
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    Inside-UO ?

    It is also important for which version of Ultima Online you want UO Fiddler to use. If for a very old like Lbr, AOS and older, you will surely appreciate InsideUO more. But if for the newer, I would say that UO Fiddler will be a more suitable program. I'm surprised that it doesn't load you uop...
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    Inside-UO ?

    That is not the exact answer. The latest UO Fiddler can read .uop file format. And this fully replaces the old InsideUO. It's even better than InsideUO. Otherwise, of course, a lot of old programs also work.
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    I need translucent water to be satisfied...
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    Centred Problem.

    In the VirtualTiles.xml file, you must delete the position IDs that you have filled with your new subjects.
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    Question about getting old client versions

    Or here: 23.6 GB folder on MEGA I will fix version 7.0.20, there is my uo.cfg file. Then I'll exchange it.
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    Looking for someone who is good with animations

    I use version and the .bin format doesn't save me at all. when I want a picture, I have a picture, when I want an animation in .vd format, I also have it. He'll put it where I chi, I'll pick it. I have no problem with this program.
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    Looking for someone who is good with animations

    But I see him there. I see the animation image, I can set the direction. And I can then export this animation to vd or a separate image.
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    Looking for someone who is good with animations

    Erad, what errors do you have in mind? What do you mean by Hex code?
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    New (old) player

    This is the result of a google search. I don't know what shard is and whether it works. You wanted Xanadu, this is Xanadu.
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    Ultima Online - Various editions

    Yes, it's in the uo.cfg file. But I don't know how it got there. I'll fix it and delete it for download. Thanks for the warning.
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    New (old) player