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  1. Castiel

    [Quickly, Efficiently, Inexpensively] Looking for work

    I would pay good money for a nice custom quest system. I've thought about doing it myself but I have absolutely no free time right now.
  2. Castiel

    Fast Travel: Carriage & Ferry System

    Love this so much!
  3. Castiel

    Christmas Calendar [Gump/Item]

    Your work is always so beautiful
  4. Castiel

    Quest Markers

    Funny, I was planning on adding these and have been groaning about having to go do artwork so thank you! These are great.
  5. Castiel

    Legends of Sosaria is seeking GMs

    Small but dedicated staff. Currently just 3 of us (all admins) searching for GMs. We aren't looking for any kind of crazy time commitment. We are looking for someone willing to run events for players mainly. We are still developing a few things on the shard however for the most part the shard is...
  6. Castiel

    Ultima Online Character Paintings

    Thank you :D
  7. Castiel

    Ultima Online Character Paintings

    Asteria submitted a new resource: Ultima Online Character Paintings - Deco paintings of UO Characters Read more about this resource...
  8. Castiel

    Art Ultima Online Character Paintings 2022-05-12

    I made these from NPC and anniversary photo artwork from Ultima Codex and Stratics These are shrunk down and put into framed paintings for deco for players. I was really happy with how they turned out so I wanted to share Mondain, Dupre, Hawkwind, Iolo, Lord British and anniversary photos
  9. Castiel

    NPC Shop Signs

    Thank you :)
  10. Castiel

    NPC Shop Signs

    Asteria submitted a new resource: NPC Shop Signs - Custom NPC Shop Signs Read more about this resource...
  11. Castiel

    Art NPC Shop Signs 2022-01-30

    I don't usually post on here much, but figured I'd finally share some stuff I made. Some updated/replacement NPC shop signs I made. Feel free to switch out any you don't like or modify this in any manner you like. Enjoy
  12. Castiel

    Art & World Building

    I mentioned above that the walls weren't mine except in the last thread. It was just some examples of world building.
  13. Castiel

    Art & World Building

    I've had a few people ask about purchasing artwork. If anyone is interested, shoot me a message and we can discuss :)
  14. Castiel

    Art & World Building

    Most of it is yeah. The walls in the first post aren't. The ones in the last post I did were ones I just made (my first try at doing walls) Trees and stuff were all me and most of the rest of it. I redid a lot of the textures on our shard too.. Better screenshot of the grass, it even looks...
  15. Castiel

    Art & World Building

    New walls
  16. Castiel

    Art & World Building

    Some misc examples of my work More And more stuff
  17. Castiel

    Art & World Building

    Editing this because I'm no longer taking on mapping projects. Art work & world building examples below. Walls in first thread are not mine. Walls in second thread are examples of ones I have done. Trees, textures, coin piles, wall sets in thread 2, plants, NPC signs are my own art
  18. Castiel

    Classic Desktop Missing Paperdoll buttons

    Asteria submitted a new resource: Classic Desktop Missing Paperdoll buttons - Quests and Guild buttons for paperdoll Read more about this resource...
  19. Castiel

    Gumps Classic Desktop Missing Paperdoll buttons 2021-01-05

    I made the missing Quests and Guild buttons for the paperdoll for the newer client for this resource. Figured I would share them in the event anyone else wants to use these and runs into the same issue. I intend to make an updated status bar for this as well.
  20. Castiel

    Bag Gumps

    Asteria submitted a new resource: Bag Gumps - 3 styles bag gumps Read more about this resource...