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  1. Jawn Dough

    General Opinion?

    It helped me write some batch files today that I'd otherwise have had no clue where to even begin on how to write them. As someone else mentioned, it's a tool. Use it responsibly and ethically and no harm shall come to pass.
  2. Jawn Dough

    Movement System

    Thank you so much! Much appreciated!
  3. Jawn Dough

    Movement System

    Having a lot of trouble getting out of water once in. Consistently finding myself getting stuck because the shoreline is "out of sight." Is there any ideas for a fix for this? Also, how would I tweak how much rope is consumed on climbing? Seems like a lot by default but I love the idea of using...
  4. Jawn Dough

    Pet Follow Speed

    So, I'm new to the animal taming/training changes that happened over the last few years. Why on earth is my pet following at a rate of 1 square a second tops? I used to be able to run across town and it never skipped a beat. My pet was ALWAYS hot on my heels! Now I have to wait forever to get...
  5. Jawn Dough

    Client 1.25.0 (first retail release)

    How does one go about playing the game like that? I'd love to see it in action! Can someone message me on Discord and let me screenshare and demo this for me? Fascinating!
  6. Jawn Dough

    Classic Glacial Staff

    Does anyone have a working copy of the old school glacial staff? One that changes spell modes and plays the cool sounds too? I'd love to get ahold of one!
  7. Jawn Dough

    Lockpicking mini-game

    Is there any plan to make a version of this that doesn't use custom artwork?
  8. Jawn Dough

    Chat GPT AI in UO?

    Oh wow, that sounds incredible! Is this something anyone can use yet or is it still in development? I'd love to test it out!
  9. Jawn Dough

    Town Description

    I want to say look in AccountHandler, under CityInfo. I think it's defined by the CliLoc file. If you modify the CliLoc, you'll have to be sure to distribute the new one to your players for them to see the changes.
  10. Jawn Dough

    Chat GPT AI in UO?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to somehow add something like Chat GPT to the AI in UO? Being able to have full conversations with NPCs like that would be incredible for world building. I've had very long conversations with Chat GPT-3 asking it to role play a story with me. It's incredible...
  11. Jawn Dough

    Harvest Timers?

    Yikes. Well that is embarrassing! I kept searching everything in regards to the word harvest but never thought to look in the lumber/mining files. Oof. I do use Visual Studio, But I can't get the definition feature to work right. I love that feature when it does decide to work for me.
  12. Jawn Dough

    Harvest Timers?

    Just curious which file tied to the Harvest System will allow me to set how frequently resource like lumber and ore respawn.
  13. Jawn Dough

    Healer That Heals Anyone

    I just signed up at my local community college for intro to game dev. I have to take that before they'll let me start the intro to C#. Just waiting to hear back on financial aid! Although, if financial aid gets declined, I'll still pay out of pocket. I'm tired of putting this off. =)
  14. Jawn Dough

    Healer That Heals Anyone

    I'm trying to make healers/wandering healers heal everyone, not just young players. I'm fairly sure it's in the BaseHealer script, I see the lines of code within that point to young players but I'm not sure what edits to make. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using Server.Gumps...
  15. Jawn Dough

    Ilutzio's Quest Creator

    Is there a tool somewhere that does more advanced quests that don't assume scripting knowledge like the XML spawner does?
  16. Jawn Dough

    AXE/Hatchet Show Uses/Uses Remaining

    No no no. I realized that the reason the uses aren't showing is because uses aren't enabled unless siege IS enabled. Which I do not have it enabled. But I found a way to display the uses without siege being turned on. =)
  17. Jawn Dough

    Updated Moongates

    Uh. Yeah. How do I do that? XD Really I just need to charge gold from a player's bank after selecting a location. I'm not worried about the cart thing. I was planning on making a designated tile that players could see was different from surrounding tiles so they knew where to stand and use that...
  18. Jawn Dough

    Cooking Expansion Set

    Are any parts of this system drag and drop?
  19. Jawn Dough

    Updated Moongates

    I have a feature request. Is there any chance you can make a version of this that charges gold? I was thinking of placing an NPC on a cart that offers to take you places if you pay him.
  20. Jawn Dough

    AXE/Hatchet Show Uses/Uses Remaining

    I actually found what did it, but it was 2 in the morning when I figured it out last night and I honestly can't remember what I did to fix it. It had to do with the Siege rules in HarvestSystem.cs. Still having trouble with scissors, though. As I looked up how the siege rules worked and started...