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    Kitsune's ArmorBags

    My antivirus scans the page the download is at as phishing.
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    List of commands?

    Use [Gendocs on the owner account and it will generate a list of commands. You can use [helpinfo as well on any access level. And you can use [mycommands if you have Vita Nex.
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    Set Hue of armor when spawning?

    [set hue 1152 [add thighboots set hue 1152 or in the script for the item, add Hue = 1152;
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    How to modify the number of followers
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    Is there a cfg for skill gain rate?

    If it doesn't exist in the Config folder, then it likely isn't a config. ;) It's better not to rely on configs anyhow, as they often are superseded by the script itself anyhow. They have to match to 100% guarantee they work. At least to my understanding.
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    How to enable email registration?
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    No mobs, doors, signs or other objects.

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    Vampiric Steed

    Awww you’re welcome!
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    Vampiric Steed

    There's two ways to do this. You can just add LifeLeech like DragonBreath (check out the Ossein Ram for that one, and copy that line) ORRRRR You can copy the Life Leech method from a Succubus. They... basically do the same thing. But one shows up on the Animal Lore gump and one doesn't.
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    Vampiric Steed

    A little description would help a lot here; what's a vampiric steed? :)
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    For the record, [addmenu keyword will pull up anything you want. For example, [addmenu cleanup would pull up all the cleanup options.
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    [add cleanuptrashbarrel [add cleanupofficer
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    Remodeling Visam’s Void Creature System 2022

    I wish there was a little bit more explanation on this so here goes: This script will add a controller to the void spawns in Ter Mur to prevent them from taking over the entire facet. It has customizable options such as the amount to spawn, whether you want them to be random types, and has the...
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    How to adjust the decay time of the thrown item, can you help?

    You can [set movable false Other than that, I don't think there's a way to do this. Movable = False;
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    How to adjust the decay time of the thrown item, can you help?
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    How to adjust the decay time of the thrown item, can you help?

    Bir çevirmen kullanıyorum, umarım bu yardımcı olur. Attıktan sonra bir zamanlayıcı örneği için patlama iksirini kontrol edin?
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    I missed responses, sorry

    What version of Townhouses are you using? From where?
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    I missed responses, sorry

    If you just delete the house sign (assuming it's owned), it'll go back to an unowned state. And then you delete the townhouse sign. That's all there *should* be to it, but I don't know what version you're running, mods you've made to it, etc. Crash logs help. :)
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