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  1. Nikodemus

    ChatGPT AI Assistant

    You have to look at it anyway, but it greatly eases the writing, you have time again to read a coffee or a book on the side or to look out the window. It has its advantages, in the end it will replace us in the long run, unless one is not creative and recognizes possibilities. Every model is...
  2. Nikodemus

    Damageable Wall

    destructible walls and axe
  3. Nikodemus

    New Animated Cannon

    In my opinion, OSI was only interested in generating profit instead of expanding the files, there was only content with new ones, which was also clear, that’s how they made their millions. That’s also the problem with OSI and the many servers always building on the same track instead of...
  4. Nikodemus

    Mechanical Pet Crafting and Vendor

    Nikodemus submitted a new resource: Mechanical Pet Crafting and Vendor - Mechanical Pet Crafting System and Vendor. Read more about this resource...
  5. Nikodemus

    Mechanical Pet Crafting and Vendor 1.01

    MechanicalPet The MechanicalPet is a unique item in the game that represents a mechanical companion for players. This item can be purchased from a specialized vendor and can be used to create a mechanical pet that assists the player in various tasks. The mechanical pet offers a range of...
  6. Nikodemus

    ObjectExt.cs:line 60

    System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at System.ObjectExtUtility.GetEventDelegates(Object obj, String eventName) in VitaNex\Core\Extensions\System\ObjectExt.cs:line 60.#region Header.. Server: ServUO-57.3 old Code: public static Delegate[]...
  7. Nikodemus


    Ha ha, nice idea! We should indeed create a round table with new NPCs, maybe some that can program for us. We should definitely add a lot more new NPCs. And a boxing ring.;)
  8. Nikodemus

    Advanced interior tool

    Post the script in full with your extension here, and I'll take a look at it. I've seen something similar about 20 years ago, but the Gump design was different back then. Ultimately, you can rebuild it as needed, so you can go all out and encourage others to become creative.
  9. Nikodemus

    Advanced interior tool

    I've made it operational again and separated the classes. A similar, nicely designed version already existed; I'll get that running again too. You can take a look if you like. Colors should be better integrated; they could be expanded, along with the design of the gump, perhaps making it more...
  10. Nikodemus


    AI を使わないで、学びなさい。
  11. Nikodemus

    A prefab system for streamlining building ( generated based on CEO's YAAAG as ref)

    I would take the approach of reading out and converting UOAR, basically reformatting it. I think that would be the best solution. The architect needs adjustment anyway. I believe the Orbsydia team is back at it, one of them is around here. They should just release the source code so it can be...
  12. Nikodemus

    A prefab system for streamlining building ( generated based on CEO's YAAAG as ref)

    It's no issue if you can't program; it turned out well. I tested and expanded it only so that if a folder isn't present, it gets created instead of the server restarting when the command [prefabgump is triggered. And the command is built directly into the Gump now. You can incorporate it if you...
  13. Nikodemus

    Cursed Spirit

    That needs to be thoroughly tested ;) Nice that you're back, hit me up on Discord.
  14. Nikodemus

    A prefab system for streamlining building ( generated based on CEO's YAAAG as ref)

    public class PrefabGump : Gump.... private List<string> GetPrefabNames() { string prefabDirectory = Path.Combine(Core.BaseDirectory, "Prefabs"); // Check if the directory exists if (!Directory.Exists(prefabDirectory)) { // If the directory...
  15. Nikodemus

    OrBSydia - UO Official Shard

    A lot of time has passed, we're old school now
  16. Nikodemus

    Christmas Calendar [Gump/Item]

    A nice idea
  17. Nikodemus

    MrRiots [Custom UO Art Package]

    You're never bored either ;)
  18. Nikodemus

    Import graphics from the clipboard

    If then black on white.. whether I define the colors directly as transparent or ask them to convert to white. When importing, as you mentioned, something is lost or not available even if I calculate the file in memory, so something is still missing but will be figured out over time. For now, I'm...
  19. Nikodemus

    Import graphics from the clipboard

    It has been taken care of so far. I have outsourced it to a temporary directory. However, I am still working on enabling an import function for items using the clipboard. It doesn't seem to be working whether I ignore or convert the colors. Something else must still be set in memory.
  20. Nikodemus

    Import graphics from the clipboard

    I'm currently trying to implement an extension in UoFiddler, and I'm facing an issue where everything is imported from the clipboard except for the item list. In CentrEd, it is displayed correctly except for the white outline around it. However, on the server, the image is statically made white...