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  1. Hello Frank

    Cannot get proximity to work

    refractmin and refractmax is your min-max time frame for retrigger. It allows you to prevent immediate retrigger. It's good for a lot of things such as preventing messages from spamming players, spamming mob spawns with spawnontrigger set true. Basically, it's like your spawn timer but for your...
  2. Hello Frank

    Cannot get proximity to work

    set you mindelay and maxdelay to 0 set your refractmax and refractmin to the time frame you want between triggers and set spawnontrigger true. hit reset on the spawner main gump a bunch and then turn it on. see if that works
  3. Hello Frank

    Cannot get proximity to work

    Do you have something being spawned with your spawner when the proximity is being triggered? I have old runuo version, but I am assuming it functions much the same. If you don't have anything on the spawner the proximity stuff won't trigger. I use SOUND,890 on mine for ominous feel to the...
  4. Hello Frank

    Spirit World?

    I've spent a considerable amount of time contemplating the idea of an afterlife and how to implement it effectively. I basically came to the conclusion that it would require significant core mods. Something I'm not afraid of doing but is currently above my pay grade. I also considered utilizing...
  5. Hello Frank

    fun with wall tiles

    fun with wall tiles
  6. Hello Frank

    Just some simple items

    Hello Frank submitted a new resource: Just some simple items - simple misc items Read more about this resource...
  7. Hello Frank

    Art Just some simple items 2024-03-15

    Here is a zip with 15 item files in it. Hope you enjoy them
  8. Hello Frank

    The Dark Tides

    As some of you may have known, Dark Tides shut down at the end of May 2022. However we didn't stop working on things. We also plan on returning. Currently we are hoping to be able to relaunch Sometime in August 2024, though there are a lot of things that hinges upon. However, I figured I'd share...
  9. Hello Frank

    That looks pretty awesome to me

    That looks pretty awesome to me
  10. Hello Frank

    The Dark Tides is Looking For Some New Staff

    I figured I'd just post an update here instead of starting a new one. The Dark Tides team is looking to expand again. These positions are not paid positions. They are strictly volunteer positions for people who love what they do. All applicants must be willing to play! This is an integral...
  11. Hello Frank

    xmpspawner question

    unless ServUO removed this try SETONTHIS/doreset/true or SETONTHIS/Running/false as your last sequence. then set up another spawner to retrigger it when you want it to retrigger. Doreset will reset the sequence back to 1 but the spawner will be off. running/false just turns the spawner off. I...
  12. Hello Frank

    MinDelay MaxDelay issues

    The MinDelay and MaxDelay controls the spawn cycle which is always running even if what you are spawning is already spawned. the way around this would be to set it up as a sequential spawner and setting the stealable item as the first in the sequence and with a required kill of one, then for the...
  13. Hello Frank

    XML Spawner "Kill Reset"

    Kill Reset is used with sequential spawning. Its kinda like champion spawns keeping track of kills during progression and how it resets and back tracks. Xmlspawner doesn't backtrack like the champs do. When using sequential spawning you can set a number of required kills for a mob sub group in...
  14. Hello Frank

    The Dark Tides

    The Dark Tides Is preparing to celebrate the in-game holiday known as "The First Rising" April 1st to April 7th. A free holiday gift bag is given to all accounts that are at least 1 day old before the holiday begins. We have loads of customs you won't find anywhere else. Custom Music and Custom...
  15. Hello Frank

    Animated Rain

    That is pretty awesome, and I have a few ideas how to utilize something like that. I've also had the thoughts of how to do clouds and simulate movement. I figured if cloud art used the same tiledata flags as tree leaves it would work ok, except over buildings. I also figured the same thing could...
  16. Hello Frank

    The flying Gryphons

    did you ever get this working correctly?
  17. Hello Frank

    The Dark Tides is Looking For Some New Staff We are a custom maps and content server. We are looking to add people who don't want to create the same thing everyone else has, we already have enough of that. We are looking for people with fresh ideas that are willing to try and weave them into the world we have created...
  18. Hello Frank

    Seeking assistance with increased save times (paid)

    what kind of mob was it? it might be worth while to share a bit of info about it, in the case someone else has a similar issue and needs help fixing it. glad you got it figure out.
  19. Hello Frank

    Seeking assistance with increased save times (paid)

    that would be SmartSpawning property. you don't want to use smart spawning if you are using sequential spawns or player triggers on the xml spawner. smart spawning seems to mess with those things. for your standard spawn it is okay. Im not really sure that will help with the save times, but who...
  20. Hello Frank

    The Dark Tides

    The Dark Tides Will Be Celebrating an in game Holiday Known as Solaris Beginning June 16th and ends June 23rd with a big event planned for June 22nd. We are a Custom Maps Server, Using Client and you will need our patch. We Will be Having a giveaway/drawing for several prizes on June...