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  1. Vorspire

    Pre-Aos buff window

    The client you're using is probably too old to have the updated gump files taht contain the newer buff icons. If you're using a client that's say, as old as 7.0.9, you're probably only limited to the first 20 or so icons in the BuffIcon enum list. Try taking an updated gump.mul and gumpidx.mul
  2. Vorspire

    Fixed Server Crash with secure trade currency
  3. Vorspire

    Pre-Aos buff window

    Did you try clicking the little blue gem on the expanded status bar?
  4. Vorspire

    Runuo entire Website

    To be honest, there's nothing left over there [] worth salvaging that hasn't already been remastered, revised, or relearned here at ServUO with this amazing community. The last 3-5 years of the lifespan of the RunUO forums was plagued by spam bots and trolls - there's barely anything...
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    Runuo entire Website

    Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be anything recoverable in that package. It mostly consists of images from the forum cache from people uploading attachments. Can't navigate or view much of the content because the snapshot was taken as a guest, not a logged-in user. It's a real shame, I was...
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    Name Of An Item

    Blood is probably green because the blood hue can be configured on a per-mob basis now.
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    Interesting, I glanced around the code a bit and it's pretty well presented. I like the idea of splitting core features into different assemblies, the only potential problem with that is circular dependencies. Looks like a good foundation overall, if it gains the benefit of having a community...
  8. Vorspire

    VitaNexCore errors with ServUO v0.5

    Use a clone copy to play the game with. You shouldn't play client.exe while servuo.exe is using the same game files.
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    UO Black Box - Shard Utility Tool [Coming Soon]

    You should pop these txt files in a google drive location that's publicly editable so everyone can collaborate :D
  10. Vorspire

    UO Black Box - Shard Utility Tool [Coming Soon]

    It looks awesome. It'd look more awesome if you didn't use Comic Sans :D My feature suggestion would be the ability to add buttons for your own commands.
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    client issues

    Make sure your shard data path is set to a different copy of UO to the one you're using to login and play. This doesn't sound like an issue with my project.
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    Put this icon in the following directory path relative to your ServUO.exe
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    Not A Bug Vendors movement on real UO

    Turning all that off would be a good resource-saving measure. They could have stripped thousands of active AI from the game that way. Makes the game feel lifeless though.
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    Windows Server 2012R2 fails to start

    Save file is corrupt, take the most recent backup from /Backups
  15. Vorspire

    Windows Server 2012R2 fails to start

    Make sure you uploaded zlib32.dll and zlib64.dll in the shard root. Also this Compile your exe for Windows, not Mono.
  16. Vorspire

    New errors with nightly servuo build 10-17-2019

    Sorry it took so long to respond to this post, this should be fixed with the most recent build of ServUO, else you can apply the fix manually;
  17. Vorspire

    Fireball that falls from sky?

    Yes, the Effects class in the core provides methods for this; You can use EffectItem.Create( ... ) to crate temporary entities for the source and target locations...
  18. Vorspire

    [ServUO] We Can Add Buffs, But Can We Revert Them?

    Don't change the stats directly, use mods; pm.AddStatMod( ... ) and pm.RemoveStatMod ( ... )
  19. Vorspire

    Runebook errors with current build?

    Update ServUO again to fix this;
  20. Vorspire

    Not A Bug Hiding player houses decors

    Great, thanks for clarifying that. If the client didn't communicate with the server about it, it would have been a rather pointless option, lol. Closed again as not a bug.