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  1. Barclay

    UO Architect - third attempt

    I've had a stable ServUO server for months now and I'd really like to get UO Architect working. I use the Enhanced Client, will that be an issue? Any other tips or up to date directions?
  2. Barclay

    Not sure where to post - suddenly no sound in EC

    I've been using the EC for months, no problem. Tonight when I open it there is no sound. I have sound on the regular client and I have sound from YouTube etc. I checked the sound settings in the EC and they're as they've always been. Tried resetting all the settings, no good. PC rebooted, no...
  3. Barclay

    Robert the walking Fortune cookie

    Barclay submitted a new resource: Robert the walking Fortune cookie - He'll wander all over the lands spreading his pearls of wisdom Read more about this resource...
  4. Barclay

    Where are the player details saved?

    I have a test environment and want to max out the skills of the accounts I create there. I know how to do this through properties but I'm wondering if there is a saved file on my server that I can edit directly to improve character?
  5. Barclay

    NPCs stopped moving - ServUO

    This evening I noticed that none of the spawned NPCs were moving. I tried another [add xmlspawner and added an NPC, same problem. Old NPCs from months ago have also stopped moving. What's strange though is if I log in as a different character then everything works. I've restarted the server...
  6. Barclay

    Automatic backups running every 5 minutes

    I just found out that 6 days ago, apparently for no reason, my server started making backups every 5 minutes. Oddly, this is around the same time some changes were made to staff. I'm sure their accounts are locked out now but where can I check the frequency of Automatic backups? To clarify -...
  7. Barclay

    UO Architect on ServUO

    I'm struggling to get UO Architect working on my server. I notice it's a few years old. Does it still work?
  8. Barclay

    Who / how decides who to fight?

    How does one NPC determine to fight another NPC? Is it based on karma? I can't seem to identify anything in the scripts other than karma that defines the 'bad' guys and the 'good' guys.
  9. Barclay

    Run a script at login

    I've found a perfect MoTD script but I cannot get it to launch without typing MOTD. Is there a folder location I can place a script that will launch the MOTD script on login?
  10. Barclay

    Recipes not dropping

    None of the monsters on my server appear to drop recipes. Is there a loot config I need to create/adjust?
  11. Barclay

    Help with Regions on ServUO

    I just can’t figure out how to create regions. Is there a tutorial? Anyone able to help?
  12. Barclay

    Help with Regions

    I just can’t figure out how to create regions. Is there a tutorial? Anyone able to help?
  13. Barclay

    Client overlay

    I have a live and a production server. I'd like to have something to visually confirm I'm on the right one. I was thinking of overlaying in the top right of the screen "Test" - but I have no clue how to do this.
  14. Barclay

    How do I GUMPs

    I've found several interestingly described Gumps but I cannot figure out how to use them. Do they go in custom scripts folder? I cannot user [add for the gump and just typing the gump name returns the command cannot be found.
  15. Barclay

    Script Help

    I'm trying to make a script for an attacker that will also make remarks. It compiles fine but when I [Add the object in game I see this on the server console: 19:34:15 Client: Entered World (0xA790 "Piper") 19:34:32 Offending Mobile: Server.Mobiles.banshee [0x4E5 "Chaya"] 19:34:32...
  16. Barclay

    Spawn an Ethereal Mount in a new players backpack

    As the title says, I am looking for the code that will place a statue of an Ethereal Mount in the backpack of every new player who joins my Shard. I've been working the Character Creation script and tried a few variations of this: PackItem(new EtjerealMount(); but good.
  17. Barclay

    .NET 4.8

    Any idea if/when ServUO will be upgraded to support .NET 4.8? I have a new box waiting for servuo but it is suck on 4.8 and I cannot see a way to roll it back to 4.7.2 My existing servuo install on a 4.7.2 box just crashes when compiled on the new box. So, either looking for a way to force 4.8...
  18. Barclay

    Why can't I KILL?

    One of my chars, on an owner account, has lost the ability to attack anything. I can go into war mode, but never actually attack. Yellowhealth bar is off. What's going on?
  19. Barclay

    Remove client verification

    Is it possible to remove the 'kick' command when servuo fires up? I have a player who was working fine but now his client is being kicked off when he logs in.
  20. Barclay

    Increase current health

    I modified PROPS on my characters to a ridiculously high level. Whenever I load those character though I get an immediate "low health" message. I assume there is a setting somewhere that specifies how much health a character should have when they log in and because I'm increased the maximum...