1. danielsheep

    Not A Bug Missing a Quest Npc[A Visit To Castle Blackthorn Quest]

    Today, one of our players told me that "A visit to castle blackthorn quest" cannot complete because of a quest npc. The npc name is JESTER located at castle of blackthorn in trammel. I attatch images. We don't have this NPC yet?
  2. danielsheep

    Fixed Missing stealables in Blackthorn Dungeon Blackthorn dungeon has 3 kind of Stealables. I am looking for the CS files but I can't. [add command couldn't also find anything about this. Please update and Thanks always.
  3. ParanoiaPhD

    Not A Bug Fel Blackthorn Castle [genblackthorn is broken

    I was just checking stealable arti and noticed that blackthorn castle wasn't spawned except for the first 4 doors. I ran [genblackthorn and it added spawners and stacked extra doors on the first for doors that lead in the 4 dirrections but no more doors anywhere else. The spawners weren't...