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11th Anniversary Collection 1.0

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Mar 6, 2015
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Shazzy submitted a new resource:

11th Anniversary Collection - the 11th anniversary items

This is thanks to the developers of XRunUO.
This contains the items from that package.
The armor engraver has edits to BaseArmor and I have tested this on my server with no issues, but the placement of these edits in BaseArmor(if someone would like to look over) may be slightly off OR may be just fine! :)

The ancestral gravestone gives the +5 spirit speak, and I believe the cool-down is correct, again if someone has thoughts to change...
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Dec 4, 2014
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@Lokai can you check any differences you have with my release for consistency?
Perhaps then an 11th anniv. could be sent to the repo?(yours)
Yours actually looks very well done. My AncestralGravestone is a bit different. I have not played on an official server very much, so never got the anniversary gifts, so I am not sure how everything is supposed to look, as far as gumps and the creature. Would you like to see mine?