A Unicorn that fits the classic version of UO

A Unicorn that fits the classic version of UO 1.0

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A Unicorn that fits Classic UO - I don't know... I've always found that the unicorn graphics looked horrible

I always found the third dawn unicorn to look... just... horrible. It always irked me and finally I decided to 'fix' it in my client to look like what a unicorn is supposed to, by lore, look like. Donkey/Lion tail and all. It looks like a horse from the original game. Yes, I edited a horse. No, this wasn't simple, it took me 3 days to complete this project. Was it worth it in the end? OH HECK YES!

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Do you happen to have a non hued version of this. Too much hue variation in the frames. If not i can help you out redoing one if interested.