Abysmal Isle is a brand new shard running EJ! Tho the isle is in beta stage, The Isle is looking for players & Staff members alike!
The Isle has tons of features for just about anyone! Why not come check out the isle!

Our Connection info
Port: 2593
Discord Server

there is one static patch that is optional.
Disclaimer: Without this patch you will not be able to see the custom statics of the Isle.

Features as follows
99% uptime!

Total Skills = 10000
Each Skill = 1000
Total Stats = 300
Each Stat = 254

Champion Spawns
Champions Rotate every hour
Normal Champs = 75 piles @ 10000k - 50000k
Harrower = 100 piles @ 50000k - 65000k

Custom Content
Alien's Completely Custom

Age System

Custom Monsters

Hue Center

Kitsune's ArmorBags & Race Systems

Lottery System

Pet Shrinking

Sickness System

Sleepable Beds



House Cellars

BONUS! First 50 Players will get a option of

Mythic Character Token
Custom House plot -or- static
500000k Starting check

A Suggestion made by you!

May get all or just one or two! May the luck forever
be in your favor!
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Apologizes For the delay New Static Patch Available! Version 1.0.2 This patch is required for Starting Zone Static Changes & All Other Changes within Abysmal Isle.
This Applies to Static Patches ONLY. I have not released or made any other patches. Updated Static Patch included!

Version - 1.0

+Added Two Static Enclosed Area : Location South corner of the trammel map. Access Via Moongates.

-Starting Zone
-Testing Zone

+Added 2 Static building

-Gate House

Version - 1.0.1

+Added 3 Static Building

-Custom Ore Example Room
-Armor Bag Room

+Changes to Luna(Malas)

-Two Areas within Luna walls had an invisible static could not pass through as it was a wall, Wiped/Rebuilt

Version - 1.0.2

+Add Static Area Under the Starting Zone

-Graveyard to test out your builds if you so choose.

+Changes to New Haven(Trammal)

-Removed/Replaced Center Stair Statue to a Moongate. For easy teleportation to Starting Zone.
-Added Temp Starting Zone Static to Roof of Haven Bank(Trammel)

Abysmal Isle Server Changes
-Master Storage Key System has added. first year vet reward.
-Custom Resources Added
-Vendors now have limited supplies and prices increase when you buy/Decrease when you sell.
-Account Housing Limit has been increase from 1 to 5
-IP Account Limit has been increase from 1 to 3
-New Custom Static Dungeon In the works, Using XmlSpawner2(Wonderful System)
-Dedicated Server Crafter For the Beginners Support
-Sickness System Removed due to a server crashing bug


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