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Dec 5, 2013
Ringgold, Georgia
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I am Otim Pyre AKA Eddie Steele I have been creating static art for Ultima for 17 years as a hobby.
What I can do.
I can create static images.
I can animate static images.
I can splice large works of art into pieces and reassemble the perfectly in game.
I can make the images behave properly in the game.
I can take your input and bring your ideas to life.
I can teach you how to create art for Ultima Online.
I take commissions for art sets or limited projects. That one thing you need or want made you just can't seem to do.
I am available for hire as a staff artist. Meaning I can create art as needed as a staff member full time on world building projects. I can be there with you on huge ambitious world building projects and provide art as needed.
I have a a good amount of world building experience, IE Using Centered editing maps. For example if you are hosting Centered I am more than happy to build with you and provide art.
What I can not do
I cannot create mobile animation such as a dragon. I have no desire or means to do so.
I cannot hand paint clothing gumps using a waccom tablet. This is a different skill set I always avoided this.
I can however alter clothing somewhat.

Examples of my art and abilities can be found on just about every UO Emulator & Developer site. ect... ect... otimpyre in the art sections I have provided free art for years.
Including video tutorials. I also have a metric ton of Ultima Art resources and knowledge at my disposal ready for use.
Contact me via discord or facebook for pricing or request other means of communication


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Mar 20, 2013
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Im from GA as well :) you guys still around?