Unconfirmed Bug AutoPVP Not awarding rewards properly


So I have been messing around with AutoPVP, trying to get it to work as I would expect it to, and have been running into nothing but issues, after issues, after issues. Biggest one is with rewards, but I will list them all for you Vorspire.

1.) In 1v1 it is forcing the "Winning" player to stay the whole battle time, even if the battle was concluded early due to a victory.
2.) Its not giving the "Winning" player, the win in the statistics, nor is it giving the winning player the winners reward, but gives the loser reward.
3.) I setup two rewards, PvPTicket, and PvPTicketTwo, one for the winner, and one of the loser. The system is ONLY handing out rewards to the loser when they lose, and giving a loss to the winner at the end of the timer.

I tried setting the battle to FFA instead of 1v1, and same issue, aside from the winner never got teleported out of the arena in the end.