Bug Report Forum Guidelines


ServUO Developer
Feb 10, 2014
Hello guys,

I have decided to clean up the bug report forum as it was in a bit of a mess. I could not tell what was fixed, what was half fixed and what was not fixed. All bug reports have been moved to the archived area. If you feel that a bug is still in the emulator then please either PM me and I will move the old thread back into the bug reports main area or make a new thread.

The reason for this forum is to report any bugs you come across in the emulator, that may include crash inducing code, buggy code that does not run as it should and code that is not OSI accurate.

When a bug is submitted it will be examined by a developer and depending on how bad of a bug it is it will be assigned a place in the queue to be fixed. Most fixes will be released as they are available and some may not be released until sometime in the future as a milestone release. This is the ensure that these fixes will not interfere with other work being done and if they do that it will be fixed to work.

Please post any and all bugs. Big or small! We cannot fix problems that we do not know exist!
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