Bulk Order Books - enhancements


Mar 2, 2018
Not sure where this belongs - but I've been working on some private enhancements to Bulk Order Books, and was wondering if it is something that it would be useful to incorporate into the repo.

I've made changes to support the following:
- Vendors interact with bulk order books. Dropping a bulk order book on a vendor, the vendor will take out any completed orders for that vendor, and process the rewards. The vendor will also add any available (based on cached & # turned in) orders to the book. This does not affect dropping BOD deeds on the vendor as normal. This automatically banks the points, and provides the gold & fame rewards as normal. The user is not given an opportunity to reject orders, although they could easily drop the BOD deeds out of the book as normal and trash them.
- Using a 'link' context menu on the book, you can import a bag of BOD deeds into the book as one action
- Using the 'link' context menu on the book, you can import all the orders out of a different BOD book which match the current books filter
- Using the 'link' context menu on the book itself, any small BODs which match a Large BOD are incorporated into the Large BOD
- Using a 'Fill from backpack', you can insert a targeted bag of items into matching BODs in the book

I wanted to discuss this before I submit a pull request, since this is certainly not OSI-like behavior, although I feel it is an improvement.


ServUO Developer
Jun 28, 2014
Negatory Batman. The repo is only for giving a base UO-like experience without any changes.
But you could release it as a script if you wanted to.