STATUS: BUSY (not accepting other offers)

Please contact me if you are interested!
Payment should be up-front and with Paypal.

You can contact me with Discord: Zathos#4333

About me:
  • been admin and scripter of successful italian servers in the past (2015-2020)
  • broad knowledge of C# (I was also a C# and Unity Teacher with a successful italian YouTube Channel)
  • I'm currently developing a new server based on ServUO highly customized (you can see something here (UO Reckoning Forum).
  • Unfortunately creating a new server is a big project! But I would love to continue scripting for UO and bringing ideas to life. So working for your server could be the way to go for me.
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Hired him to help me port an old custom RunUO system to ServUO Pub 58. Very quick and professional, would hire again!