Bye For Now


Well the day has come. Today I leave to pickup the moving truck and begin packing all my stuff to move more than a thousand miles away. I'll be shutting off my net here at home today, but will still have access to the forum/chat via my phone till I'm finished moving and settle in.

I'm not sure how long this will take. How ever, I still plan to use what little free time I have to work on the server and site when I can. I'll actually be purchasing Resource Manager tomorrow for the site/forum while on the road. Although won't have time to install it and set it up for a little while.

Although no worries. The project won't be put on hold as it is now worked on as a team. Other devs will still continue to contribute when they have the chance. You should still post bugs/suggestions also, as we'll continue to get to them.

Anyways, just felt the need to let everyone know that I may be a bit mia for the next week or two. You may reach me by sending me a personal message on the forum if need be though. Wish me good luck on my trip. Hope to maybe have something worth sharing with the community when I get settled in. My chat system rewrite is almost finished already, although I have a couple of other stuff I want to do too.


Have fun :)
We'll try not to wreck the place while you're gone :p


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Yes have a safe trip hopefully you can enjoy some of your trip along the way! We will keep a good eye on everything here :)


Be careful man. There are some crazy people on the road ;) Wish you and family best of luck and safe trip.


have a safe move and good luck with the unpacking I move a year ago and I am still unpacking stuff lol