Fixed Carpentry Bug - Boards & Logs

Ce Jayce

Jan 24, 2014
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Exordus. The Shire
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Considering the dev team is on fire at the moment I thought i'd throw another bug in the mix! :p
This ones been around for quite a while, I think it's been present in pretty much every emulator that included the new carpentry system.
I'll break it down into it's different parts.
  • Boards are not recognized
    • When you add some boards to your pack they don't show up in the wood selection menu however you can still use them to make items.
  • Coloured Logs are counted twice.
    • If you have 250 regular logs, and 500 frostwood logs. In the wood selection menu you will shot '750 wood' & '500 frostwood'
  • Resource selection ignored sometimes.
    • To reproduce this, add some coloured logs to your pack, have 'wood' selected from the list. Craft something, add some regular logs craft something again, it will take from the coloured stack still, even though regular is selected.
  • Items not retaining colour.
    • Some items don't use the wood colour while others do. For example, a wooden shelf does while a rarewood chest does not.
    • When re-deeding a coloured addon it losses the colour it had when initially crafted and placed.
  • Containers not working as containers
    • Many of the containers that come deeded do not actually function as containers. Examples of this are; Arcane Bookshelf and Elven Dresser.
I think that is the entire list, although if I've missed anything i'll edit it in.