CentrEd+ 0.7.9

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This is my google drive with a few version of CentrED+. For newer version of CentrED+, you will need to plug in the included registry file and update the caches for the program to run. Granted, plugging in unknown registry files from the internet is unwise, but it's there if you really need it. Older versions, such as 6.3, don't require this registry patch.

Thanks so much!



Hi there,

i am not getting rid of the "Failed to get data for value "UseConfigsDir" Error Message.
I placed the Files from HellRazors Google Drive to D:\UO Tools\CentrED+0.7.9\

D:\>cd D:\UO Tools\CentrED+0.7.9

D:\UO Tools\CentrED+0.7.9>
D:\UO Tools\CentrED+0.7.9>dir
Datenträger in Laufwerk D: ist Game
Volumeseriennummer: D482-99E1

Verzeichnis von D:\UO Tools\CentrED+0.7.9

27.09.2021 18:27 <DIR> .
27.09.2021 18:27 <DIR> ..
27.09.2021 17:59 1.103.442 Assetspack.dat
02.07.2021 22:42 530 centerd.reg
27.09.2021 17:59 197 Homepage.url
27.09.2021 17:59 <DIR> Language
27.09.2021 17:59 <DIR> LocalData
27.09.2021 19:21 <DIR> PEBinaries
27.09.2021 18:12 312 RegKey.reg
14.01.2021 17:07 <DIR> ScreenShots
27.09.2021 17:59 1.036 UOCentrED+.lnk
5 Datei(en), 1.105.517 Bytes
6 Verzeichnis(se), 105.572.495.360 Bytes frei

D:\UO Tools\CentrED+0.7.9>

Then I applied the centerd.reg file to write the registry entries. I also modified the InstallPath key to D:\UO Tools\CentrED+0.7.9\

When I try to start CenteED+ by executing D:\UO Tools\CentrED+0.7.9\PEBinaries\CentrED-plus.exe I still get the error message.

A Directory for CentrED+ in C:\Users\Mink\AppData\Local does not exist.

Can anyone help here please?


Run CentrED-plus.exe from the PEBinaries folder. Do not log in to the server !!!. First, create a profile and save it. This will create the required profile folder in AppData. Then, in the folder with the name of the saved profile in AppData/Local/CentrED-plus/Profiles/the folder with the name of your profile/ insert the two cash files that can be downloaded here on the forum ( ). And only then can he use centred + and log in properly.


Your hint was helpful but not the root of my problem.
I had to start CentrED as Administrator.

But thanks for the hint. It helped me in the step after I started it as admin.


As I wrote on Spherefor, download the post-installation files here:
Thank you
so i have sollution.
Extracted registy entry from my working copy of CentrED+ (attached)
when you install it you need to change "InstallPath" entry to Your CentrED+ folder
View attachment 18292
an it should work fine

Thank You for pointing location of this registry !!
As I wrote on Spherefor, download the post-installation files here:

Thank you guys for this, I had to do this today and I got it working thanks to you two. Very much appreciated.