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Claim System The Art Forked 1.0 1.0

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Claim System The Art Forked 1.0 - It fixes the Gold bag and the Silver bag 'bug' where it stops stacking gold after max weight

This is an adjustment to the claim system to FIX the Gold Bag and the Silver Bag from bugging out.

This should be, in essence, if you already have the claim system, a drag and replace of the gold bag and the silver bag.

What the changes do is 2 things.

1) Cuts the weight limitation of the gold bag and silver bag as that was causing the problem of the items no longer stacking after the first pile. There is no longer the weight limit on gold bags. (This was a necessity for the claim...

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When you realize that your gold bag doesn't work the right way so you fix it. Here's the updated version of the gold bag.


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