Fixed Clean up britannia reward sound when purchasing issue.


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May 2, 2019
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When I buy something from TheCleanupOfficer it makes a sipping sound. I think I located the sound effect in uofiddler its "0x5A9 crafting_effect1.wav" I tried searching the server for 0x5A9 and nothing popped up. The sound is very so similar only a slight volume difference. I'm sure I've got the right sound but its not in the files so I can't change it.

Has anyone else got this problem? If so how did you change the sound to something else?
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it would be nice to remove the sound alltogether.

I found this in BaseRewardGump.cs

It seems the be in control of the sound BUT it doesn't play the one its set to! it plays the one after it... I set it to a different one nd it did it again it plays the one after it! weird!
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So to get it to work you have to set it to "0x5A7"
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