Not A Bug Client Kick


Here recently when someone from outside my router tries to connect the server will kick them. Nothing has been changed on the server, or the other persons computer. My firewall is down, port forwarding is all correct, ip address in serverlists is all correct. The ip he is using is the same one in serverlists. When he logs in it will let him on for a minute or so but then eventually kick him saying "kicked due to inactivity".

Previously i had tried to make my internal ip static but got an error, but since then i returned everything to its original position. I have also restarted my computer, turned my router off and on, and checked all ips to make sure they are accurate.

I haven't been able to see if anyone else can get on the server with out being kicked. Since im on the computer where the server is at i wouldn't be a good candidate. Although i can get on without getting booted. I would need someone else to get on and see if they can stay on without getting booted to see if this problem is from my end or his.

If anyone wants to help me test this just send me a message and ill tell you my IP to connect.

Any thoughts?
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Check with them to be sure they are using the same patch game client which the server runs on.
Also if they are using razor -check that they have
Patch client encryption -checked
Not OSI Encrytion


As far as i know he hasnt changed anything since the last time he connected with no problems. I dont know this for sure, he is at work at the moment so ill have to have him check those later on.