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Cooking Expansion Set - Cooking/Farming/Crafting

Version 11
Fixed Basecreature to accept all new meats and gains and eggs.
Added New Food Section in Basecreature for the Cooking Expansion Set Setup
Updated BaseCrop to use DateTime.UtcNow instead of DateTime.Now
Updated CropHelper to use DateTime.UtcNow instead of DateTime.Now
Updated TreeHelper to use DateTime.UtcNow instead of DateTime.Now
Updated all crops to use DateTime.UtcNow instead of DateTime.Now

I haven't released a new version for a long time and I figure its time.

This is a big...

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"I haven't released a new version for a long time and I figure its time."
This implies You wrote all this....Should probably state You didn't.
All credit was given to the people that did at the start that is in all the readmes has all there names intact since well since the haven't released new versions I nearly redone 70% of there work, so yeah I will say I wrote this because I have done a lot of work on it and redid everything.


No disrespect intended, Its simply about giving credit where its due...I keep lots of scripts updated and combined and always try and pass some credit to the original authors for Their obviously brilliant ideas.
I have them llisted in there readmes still maybe I should just make a credit readme LOL

recipe system was all me tho I did that hehe.

still lot of work needs done on my cooking system I try to improve it a lot so any ideas im always up for
I went ahead a made a credit readme to include with next release this what I have so far in it,

This file was created to give all devs that have worked on all the systems
before this full credit for there hard work.



Seeing I use the Ranch System as one of My Base Systems (that I add Other Files too) I will definitely be looking at it.

BTW having looked at the package I would do a main distro edit folder and make it as simple as possible (which I'm working something to help with that....less edits, especially PlayerMobile)
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yeah I found some bugs in some of the ranch animals also I been tweaking the ranch system little I haven't got back to the file yet but thanks to some other users I fixed a few bugs that popped up

I would love to see the animals babies count toward the spawner some how.. but im not sure how to do all that. the cooking expansion already takes a lot of edits to set up lol. if you have noticed its got tons of things to add again anything you can offer to the project im more then happy to add and I will add your name to the list of devs. also I wanted to update the arraylist to list and linq in the crops but every time tried I failed.


I agree with ATruGod always give credit in your post for those who created the script, thanks for doing this :) I'm working on an easter quest this was released on runuo in 2006 by Deikiel_Emeril- I'm just changing it up quite a bit. But the scripter's name will be in the post.
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i'm using this system, and a lot of animals are in hiding for players?? whats the reason? and how i can disabel this?
Found an issue with the Ranching part when you try and place the fencing with the fence tool it will not let you, i am working on a fix/workaround for it if anyones already done it to make it work please post the fix if not when i got it working i will post it :)


Hi every one. I guess there is still plenty of bugs in those scripts. It has been some time since I have ever worked on any one of those scripts, but I can try to help you as I am the one that recreated most of the scripts.

I never have had a chance to look into the hidden animal bug, but my biggest task is I have to get the latest servuo. Also start to update it to work with that. Not less it loads up fine. I like to make it more of a drop in package then anything that will require some help if any lovely lady or man would assist me.


Now that I've observed them a bit more, I believe they hide when they are resting, they automatically reproduce and they are hidden for part of the day/night. It's a great package, but it definitely wasn't drop in for me. I am not a scripter and had to hire someone to put it on my shard. :) It's a cool little package.


Oh crap sorry to hear you had to hire some one to help with that. Pleae tell me was the directions on the readme need to be more detailing how to install?

Now that i recall they should hide when resting only at night time on the game not during the day hours.
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I am working on Version 12 to upload here so far i got this.

Version 12
Added to food.cs where you will see the skill boosts or stats boosts on foods.
Added random Stat boost Gen to Food. times it last is all based on fillfactor.

Ill help you with any changes, and i also am looking into the hiding
I also see another post on garden issues ill see what i can do there.


haha no worries, I'm a total dummy when it comes to scripts, I did want to ask about the milking bucket, and the cheese form. The m ilk bucket doesn't hold enough milk to fill the cheese form and it won't fill from a second bucket, was this intentional?


That system i did not make but i will look into it and see if i can get it working at the moment i grabbed the newest servuo and see if i can get this package setup just for that so its easier for others to install.

I will look into any bugs you post about it. ideas on changes anything recommend pass along. as i fix i am going to add you o credits for helping find the bugs.


I will give you a list of everything I've found, and I don't care about credits, that means nothing to me. I just really am grateful to have someone that wants to fix things :)


Sounds great but I got over 70 errors with the new package and like 1000+ with an older one. :)
I'm trying to learn C# but I still think I months away from figuring this stuff out.


Here is the V13 with the core fixed. You still need to do the required edits in the docs file

It's working on my server as we speak, latest version of servuo


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