ServUO Version
Publish 58
Ultima Expansion
Endless Journey
Hi all, need help understanding where the creatures are coming from. I notice all the xml spawners inside Covetous 3rd lvl are off. Yet I still see spawn appearing.
Hi Orpy. The creatures are coming from the Void Pool event. Even though the 3rd level isn't the actual Void Pool room, the spawns in the later areas are determined by how much action the Void Pool is seeing. If you [prop the monsters there, you'll see none of them are regular monsters, they all have the "CovetousCreature" label on them. My best guess is that the monsters spawning in later areas are from an actual script related to the Void Pool, instead of from the xml spawners, which, as you said, are all turned off. Those are the old monsters, so maybe Void Pool isn't meant to be permanent? Or maybe they were just never removed? Unfortunately, I'm still learning and I haven't messed with any of the Void Pool scripts yet, so my understanding of this kinda ends there.