Hi, and thanks for reading.

I have recently found myself without a shard to work on. I had been doing some scripting for the last year or so on a shard that never really took off and I found that I really enjoyed building events and working with the community to drive a story. I generally write my own tools, mobs, and rewards so I wouldn't be bothering you to write things for me, leaving you to do what you want to do. I will do all of this for the low, low price of free for the right shard.

I am looking for a shard that has already launched or will be launching soon. If you need lore for your shard, I have no problem working with you to write it. If you already have lore, I have no issues working within it. I look forward to talking with you. I prefer to be contacted via Discord but a DM here probably works as well.

Thanks again for reading,