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Eric's Boots and The Gargpyle Equivelent 2015-05-01

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Eric's Boots and The Gargpyle Equivelent - equipment

These are MondainsQuesters.
The Eric's Boots Quest send you out to kill the monster that stole his daughters doll. You kill the monster and get the doll and bring it back to Eric. He gives you boots with physical, fire, cold, energy, poison resists of 1. Better than nothing.
For the Gargoyle Version, I put the Gargoyle Mondain Quester - The Doctor Is In Quest - in the Queens City or wherever you want to put him in gargoyle land.
He tells you to bring him a pair of Erci's Boots and he will...

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Who is Bob Grove? How do we get him and what is/was he supposed to say? If he wasn't even supposed to be part of the quest, why did you include a reference to him in the quest details?