Extracting UOP files

john burns

Using UOFiddler and Legacy UOP converter, I have the newest client and when I try to extract the gumpartlegacymul.uop file I get an error.

Anyone have a way around this?


ive had the same issue, after i did the extraction i went back to the home page and hit the reload paths and then under the gump tab everything still showed up. and there is a gump.mul file in the folder.


Gold Supporter
I got the same issue. Just 2 gump images show up only. UOfiddler does not convert in the right way.



You are trying to extract new types of UO files. Since roughly version 7.0.60, these files have not worked well. Some file format has been changed at the game manufacturer. I recommend editing older versions of Uo, to 7.0.60.