And I don't know how to start. Mrs. Lara Fabian sings to my headphones here. I have the right subtext for what I want to do for a long time. The last two months are very intense and demanding. The attitude of the world is one that I do not understand. And this attitude hurts people. In all respects.

"The book where I turn page after page ... cries while reading this book ..." is over. My job ... is over.

"... I read the book, the life I have seen here. And I see a lot of good and I see a lot of bad. It's hard, I have a lot of experiences here. A lot of beautiful things and love. It's a world I've been to and it worked It's something no new developer will ever experience ... It won't happen because Ultima Online was the first game The first game in the world The first game that was loved It was the first time ... and there are a lot of things what can I say Many experiences we have had .....

Friend, forgive me. I'm leaving. I won't do this great thing anymore. I won't create anymore. I will not teach anymore. I will not look forward to the new server. I won't be here anymore. Friend, I can't anymore.

The last two months have been very demanding and my health has suffered greatly from what is happening. I will not think here about world perversion and politics. But I feel obligated to say goodbye. I'm leaving. Definitive. I have been doing UO for 18 years. But now, now it's definitive. The world has gone mad and I am not willing to follow such a world and adapt to it. I will live out in seclusion somewhere and I will not get involved in what is so far away for me.

Maybe one day I'll do something again, now I don't see it. The last two months have exhausted me, my health is poor. And I can't go on. And yes, I feel, I bear, I feel very bad, and ...

Yes, I'm very sick. That's why I'm writing this letter. I'm finishing. And that's why I'm writing this letter. I have to. if I didn't, I would go crazy and die within half a year (I'm serious here - I'm very sick of the medical system). Ultima Online has taken me my whole life, and it has given me my whole life. But today we have to decide to move on. And I don't know where I'm going. I just know that if I don't say goodbye to you, I'll be sorry and it will take my health hard. Friend, buddy, there are things we don't know how to move on. And things that will affect you a lot on your health. We only have one life. And I choose life. And his beloved wife. Friends with God.


I would like to say- thank you for so much help to those on this forum- you will be missed but Prayers for your health!! be well