Fixed Forgotten Treasures


Jan 19, 2019
Operating System
windows 10
ServUO Version
  • Items will no longer be destroyed with lockpicking failures, instead a grubber will spawn before the lock is opened.
  • Items will no longer be destroyed when Remove Trap fails.
  • Puzzles will no longer be a part of the Treasure Chest trap.
  • Remove Trap trainers will still be available for purchase should players wish to train their skill this way. You will also be able to train Remove Trap via untrapping Treasure Chests and other traps already in the gameworld.
  • Magic Untrap will no longer work on Treasure Chests, Magic Unlock will work as it is currently implemented on TC1.
  • The Remove Trap loop for Treasure Chests has been redesigned as follows,
    • When a player tries to open a chest that is trapped, they will receive a message to use the Remove Trap skill.
    • The disarming process will begin when a player uses Remove Trap on the chest.
    • During the disarming process Ancient Chest Guardians, chosen from the monsters that can spawn during the initial dig, will spawn to defend the chest. These monsters will not drop any loot.
    • These monsters must be defeated before the chest can be opened.
    • The length of this process is variable based on the player’s Remove Trap skill, with higher Remove Trap skill requiring less disarming time.
    • If the player moves more than 16 tiles away from the chest or is killed during the disarming process, the process must be restarted.
  • We have taken another pass at chest loot quality and have made the following changes,
    • Magic Equipment will now spawn in all level chests.
    • Doubled the amount of magic equipment that spawns.
    • Added additional loot entries to all chest packages, primarily for Scrolls of Transcendence and Scrolls of Alacrity.


ServUO Developer
Oct 16, 2014
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This is all still on TC. We are waiting for the final product before we even take a look at it.

Already between TC release 1 and TC release 2 they have changed a ton of things.