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Forum Changes

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Insanity, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. Insanity

    Insanity Active Member

    Mar 2, 2013
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    Some of you may of noticed that many of the old addons are starting to come back online. Most of the important ones are back online and working, even some of the minor ones (that I simply just like a lot) are back online. Such as the duplicate thread search feature you see when you go to create a new thread.

    Also you can tag everyone again by using @. This works for users and usergroups. Meaning you could tag developers by doing @[USERGROUP=13]ServUO Developer[/USERGROUP] and all people in that group would be notified.

    One of the biggest changes that is about to be coming our way, is something I've already started to adjust here on the forum. Instead of the old downloads page being called "Resources" it has since been renamed to "UO Archive."

    Why the rename? I've actually always wanted to build a better archive of all and any UO related files/tools/art/ect for the community. Over the years, I've found various stuff all over the net. There are a few good "archive sites" around that cater to specific sections (utilities, art, ect.)

    Although as I said above, I would like to build the ultimate UO archive. In order to do that, I will need everyone's help. I would prefer that nothing is missed in the archive, especially some of the oddball stuff that is rather hard to find these days (especially game art.)

    The "Archive" will still continue to include all ServUO custom releases (in fact ServUO stuff will remain at the top of the list.) I even plan on add ServUO "server in a box" builds on the archive once we reach a new milestone in the project.

    So what I need from everyone, is help and input. At the moment, I only have a few basic categories setup. So if you can think of any missing categories, let me know (be sure to give me an example or two of something that would fit into that category.)

    If you have something that belongs in an existing category, get it posted. Although if you do post something, keep a few things in mind.
    1. If you are not the original author of said content, give mention to them.
      1. If the author registers on the forum, the submission will be transferred to them so they can maintain it themselves.
    2. If you're uploading media (art/sounds/animations) make sure they aren't copyrighted in any way.
      1. If they are, you may still add an entry for said media. ALTHOUGH you must do so using an external link to the original content.
    3. If an author/owner of any archived content claims ownership of something and wants it removed...I will only remove said item if an external link the item can be provided (as I said, I want the ultimate archive...doesn't mean all content must be located on ServUO's servers.)
    4. You may add paid content if and ONLY if it is your's. This of course excludes client downloads (unless you've developed your own game client that you'd like to charge for.)
    Any further questions/comments can be left here.
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