Forum Etiquette


Just thought i would share. (I may edit, add or remove from this in the future)

Forum Etiquette:
  1. Read the forums rules and guidelines before posting for the first time.
  2. Search the other posts to see if your topic is already covered.
  3. Use a meaningful title for your thread.(something people will read and know what the thread is about)
  4. Be sure to use the proper forum for posting your thread.
  5. Stay on topic.
  6. Be civil. Personal differences should be handled through PM and not through posts displayed to everyone.
  7. Do not use someone else’s thread for a private conversation.
  8. Ignore spammers.
  9. Do not double post. (post the same message twice in one thread or post additional information that could be added by editing a recent post)
  10. Act in a give and take manner; help others as often as or more than you ask for help.
  11. When replying to a post, do not quote more from the previous post than you have to.
  12. Watch your sense of humor, posts may be read by people from a variety of backgrounds and ages.
  13. Do not post ”empty” or useless responses, such as just ”lol” or ”cool.” Only post responses when you have something to contribute.
  14. If you are posting code use code tags.
  15. Respect other members, moderators and admins.

  • If you haven't received a reply to your question do not keep bumping it. Either someone doesn't know the answer or you were too general in asking. Try to provide more detail in order to get an answer.
  • When posting bugs, please make sure the bug has not been already posted/solved in another post. Also, please state what version of servuo the bug is for in the topic.
  • Some people do not know all the computer terminology, or may not have the same knowledge of servuo as yourself. Be nice to these people. You were new once, too. Do not flame them. Instead, accept you know more about servuo than they do, and perhaps even share your knowledge with them!
  • Do not request scripts anywhere on the forum. Attempt to write it yourself, the friendly master scripters of the Script Support forum will be glad to help out, and you will learn something from it.
Don't Post a Picture of Your Console
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