Forum Updated


That update took waaaay longer than I had planned/hoped. Many major addons didn't like the new version of XF that I use. Although the big issue was the forum style. I've been working hard when I had a little time here and there, which hasn't been much lately due to a lot of shit all of a sudden irl.

Anyways, with that all said and done. We are now running XF 1.2, which has some major improvements over the old version of XF. I've managed to get the style, and most of the major addons working with the new version. I'm also going to continue to get the other needed addons that you may find disabled. Although many disabled addons are gone because XF 1.2 has the features already baked in.

If you find any issues with the forum, please report them directly to me so I can deal with it. Sorry for the rather long down time. I should didn't see the point in opening the forum when it wasn't useable. Now that things are updated on the forum, you can expect to see new improvements over time also. That's all for now, stay tuned for further updates. =D