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These are some of the last few updates I'll be doing to the forum (other than minor graphical changes later on) for a while. Although they are updates that I believe will help polish off the forum and make it easier to use now. So below are list of some of the newer features I've added, and some old ones that I've never mentioned till now.

Double Click Message To Edit
  • This works in any thread, as long as you have access to edit a thread. Then you may edit it by double clicking the message anywhere. This is really useful for those of you that happen to create really long posts and find yourself always going back to edit it (sucks scrolling all the way for the edit button.)
Double Click Node Icon To Mark As Read
  • This works for any node icon. Although the node must have some unread messages in it for it to work as expected. To do it, all you do is double click a node icon (like you would when you target something in UO) and it'll mark the node and all messages in it as read. Without having to open the node it's self.
Best Answer
  • This is one of my favorites, and I believe it'll help with support threads a ton. This works in all the support forums, and only the support forums. It's very simple too. Anyone viewing a thread may mark a post as the Best Answer. You do this by using the link next to the Report link for every message. You should only do this if you believe the post is a good answer to the original post.
  • Once a post gains at least two votes as the Best Answer, it will be marked as so and displayed directly under the first post in the thread (it will also be highlighted a different color and labeled as the best post.
  • If more than one post in a thread gets more than two votes, then the post with the most votes is marked as the best answer.
  • Users that have their post marked as the Best Answer will have it recorded to their account. You may see how many Best Answer posts someone has by visiting their profile or viewing the user info on posts (You will have to click the + button to expand the user info to see it.)
Post Ratings
  • This is basically just an improvement on the old Like system that was in place. It allows users to rate posts with a more wide variety of options. You may dislike a post, think it's funny, see it as informative, ect. You don't have to just Like a post any more.
  • Ratings either have Positive/Neutral/Negative effect (Example: Dislike would be negative.) All users have their ratings recorded to their account. And are viewable in the user info in messages (again, by clicking the expand button) as a bar graph. So you may view how many ratings they have of each type.
  • In order to rate a message, you'll find the bar to do so where the old Like button was. The bar will be invisible until you mouse over it (it remains visible at all times in a mobile browser.) You may rate a post only once, so pick your rating wisely.
  • I've put into place a donation system on the site. This is in hope that some of you guys may have a dollar or two to spare to help us out here on ServUO. Server bills will be due soon, along with renewals for XF and other things. I'd also like to purchase a nice Wiki addon to build a detailed wiki for the ServUO project here. Plus I believe having an OSI account or two for the team to use would prove helpful with doing research (please if you have an OSI account with some time on it especially if it has GM skills and would like to donate it to the team, contact me here on the forum.) Running the site here isn't free, no ways around that. Hell, many of the recent additions weren't free either.
  • Donations can be done via the new Donation widget you'll find on the forum page. If you wish to donate to ServUO, you will be remembered forever here. As all donators are recorded and displayed for the public to see (as none of this is possible without the community, especially people that can help pay the bills.) If you'd like to donate without being acknowledged, then no worries. As you may also do an anonymous donation.
  • All funds will only go towards the development of the ServUO project and site that houses it. All donations are highly appreciated.
Among all of the updates listed above, I've also done a few minor style fixes/tweaks here and there. Along with some permission fixes, so the forum and everything should be much more usable now. I'd really like to thank everyone here at ServUO big time for sticking with us and helping us build such a nice community. Stay tuned, as there is plenty more to come. ;)


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